1949 RADIO PLAY OF 1984

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There is a link to the David Niven 1984 production at the following: RADIO PLAY: GEORGE ORWELL'S 1984 (update: http://greylodge.org/gpc/?p=78 no longer links to that program)

It's also available on CD from Ebay.

-Dave Miller

Greetings Dave,

Thank you very doubleplusgood much for sending that link to the 1949 Radio Play of "1984".

Three years ago I first learned of its existence from a reader who sent a link that used to carry it, but it was disconnected when I tried. Now here it arrives, out of the blue, from you.

I just finished listening to it a few minutes ago and loved every minute of it. The description says it was originally broadcast on August 27, 1949 at 9 p.m. as a one-hour production.

Orwell was in the hospital in London at that time and had a radio in his room and so he must have listened to it. But I don't recall any of the biographies I've read discussing the production or mentioning that Orwell listened to it, although they describe his having listened to the radio play of "Animal Farm" in January 1947.

If he DID listen to it I'm sure he would have been very pleased with what he heard.

Again, thank you for sending the link so I can share 1949's "1984" with "Orwell Today" readers for their listening enjoyment and enlightenment.

All the best,
Jackie Jura

...conversation & new link continues at 1949 DAVID NIVEN AS 1984 WINSTON SMITH

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