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**UPDATE!!: Women who don't abort are heroes (not abortionist with heroic bank account). Canada.com, Jul 4, 2008

*UPDATE!: Abortionist Morgentaler to receive Order of Canada (gov't announces on Canada's birthday). CBC, Jul 1, 2008

The story in the news today [April 2005] about the UK's largest abortion clinic arbitrarily reducing the age at which a fetus in the womb can be killed from 24-weeks to 20-weeks is a classic example of "closing the gate after the horses have fled". It's too late for the millions of unborns who have already died.

The depopulation of the English, Welsh, Scottish and Irish people that has been going on since the legalization of abortion in Britain has been accomplished. So too have other nations in the European world been victimized by population control. The peoples of Canada, the USA and Australia were also brainwashed into irresponsible sex and killing their descendents before they were born. Now we're being outnumbered and invaded through immigration by peoples' who didn't start killing their descendents until after their numbers totalled millions upon millions more than ours.

In Canada last week a major university announced its plans to give an honourary degree to the abortionist who flaunted our abortion laws and got away with it.

Honourary degree for Morgentaler sparks outrage (Morgentaler operates six abortion clinics across Canada. Born in Poland, he is a Jewish Holocaust survivor who has devoted his life to challenging Canada's abortion law). Montreal Gazette, Mar 30, 2005

Back in the 70s Morgentaler set up Canada's first abortion "mills" and ever since he's been trying to get franchised into all ten provinces. He's a cult hero to the feminists and has been glorified in documentaries extolling his "virtues" as they so perceive them.

Canada has been at zero-population growth since the "option" of abortion and the government now brags that we'll be a country made up of 50% immigrants by 2012. Nice future for Canadian unborns who succeed in running the abortion gauntlet!

Those unborn human beings who were killed before they were born can never be replaced. Lost also, to our ranks, are the children of those unborn children.

Notice in the following story how the powers-of-not-to-be are giving life with one hand and taking life with the other. In other words, while making it harder to kill unborns after 24-weeks they are making it EASIER to kill before 12-weeks. It just goes to show, you've always got to read the fine print. ~ Jackie Jura

Abortion clinics back cut to a 20-week limit
by Sarah-Kate Templeton, Sunday Times, Apr 3, 2005

Britain's largest provider of abortions outside the National Health Service has changed its policy to back a lowering of the legal limit at which pregnancies may be terminated for non-medical reasons. Marie Stopes International, which carries out 60,000 abortions a year at its nine clinics in Britain, says the 24-week limit ought to lowered to 20 weeks because of evidence that the foetus is "potentially viable" before 24 weeks. This shift in policy leaves opponents to a reduction in the time limit, who include Tony Blair and many Labour MPs, increasingly isolated. In altering its stance Marie Stopes has followed Lord Steel, the former Liberal Democrat leader and architect of Britain’s abortion law in 1967, who now believes the limit should be reduced. Michael Howard, the Conservative leader, has made abortion an election issue by calling for a reduction from 24 to 20 weeks.

Marie Stopes says it will now back such a change as part of a compromise deal if the reform also included making abortion more easily available for non-medical reasons in the earliest stages of pregnancy up to 12 weeks. Dr Tim Black, chief executive of Marie Stopes International, said: "Public opinion is in favour of abortion but falls off quite quickly when we get to 20 weeks because there is a perception that the foetus is potentially viable. We do feel that in light of medical developments the upper limit should come down."

Opinion began to shift last year towards a change in the law when three-dimensional ultrasound images were published that showed a baby making a walking-like movement in the womb 12 weeks into pregnancy, thumb-sucking and yawning at 14 weeks and opening its eyes at 18 weeks. In addition medical advances mean premature babies born at 23 weeks — or, on a few occasions, 22 weeks — can now survive.

As part of any reform, however, Marie Stopes would also want women to be eligible for abortions up to 12 weeks without having to gain permission from doctors — two must now give their written consent for the procedure. It says women seeking a termination between 13 and 20 weeks should have the signature of one doctor. Black added: "If we brought the limit down to 20 weeks but made abortion more readily available up to 12 weeks, we believe that would be a reasonable compromise."

**Women who don't abort are heroes (not abortionist with heroic bank account). Canada.com, Jul 4, 2008

*On Canada's Birthday gov't announces: Abortionist to receive Order of Canada (Polish Jew immigrated after WWII; performed thousands of illegal abortions) & Abortionist Morgentaler a militant atheist (professional killer of defenseless babies). CBC/CNA, Jul 1, 2008

JFK'S JUDGE WAS PRO-LIFE ('mothers & doctors no constitutional right to exterminate human life') & ORWELL AGAINST ABORTION ("one of those filthy doctors")


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