"Homosexuals, pornographers and pedophiles
were let out of the closet
and God was put in."

(letter-to-the editor written by Jackie Jura in 1980s)

The influence and effects of the "Me Generation" are looming large on the horizon.

The "Me Generation", otherwise known as the "Baby Boomers", have a reputation for knocking down pedestals. They've been ramming at the main supports of society since they reached puberty in the '60s, and probably won't stop until they "Die With Dignity" 40 years or so from now.

The 'Me, Me'ers' are fairly easy to recognize.

In the '60s they believed in "banning the bomb, burning their bras, knocking the establishment, blowing their minds" - just generally "doing their own thing." Their main philosophy was "Don't trust anyone over 40." Anyone who didn't look or think along the same lines as them was "out to lunch".

In the 70s the Me Generation went to town on so-called "traditional values." Since "free sex" was one of the idols they worshipped, they pushed to have it established in law. Abortion, which used to be a crime, became a "right". Censorship was strapped into a straight jacket and thrown into a corner. "Freedom of expression" became the next buzz word.

The 80s, which we're just coming out of now, saw the 'I do, I do'ers' taking their boots to one of the biggest pedestals of all -- God. Anyone who had the audacity to justify a decision based on "religious principles" was more or less stoned to death. Homosexuals, pornographers and pedophiles were let out of the closet and God was put in. During the 90s they'll press hard against the door to close it.

"Freedom to die, if and when I want to die" will be the theme of the 90s and as we enter the year 2000 that will likely develop to "Freedom to choose when someone else will die", probably the sick and elderly burdens on society.

There's a hole in the ozone alright, and it's not due to chlorofluorocarbons. ~ Jackie Jura circa 1988

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Jackie Jura
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