BIG BROTHER (WORLD GOVERNMENT) intends to control the monetary and economic affairs of individuals and nations by means of "cashless societies". Now that people are used to electronic transactions the phasing out of hard currency will accelerate. The next step seems to be the villification and elimination of certain denominations. Next would be the adoption of "smart cards" and ultimately "smart people" - implanted with micro-chips for verification.

The following article* is an example of a STAGED EVENT in progress. Watch it play out over the next months or years. A problem has been created (counterfeit money) in the hopes of arousing a reaction (currency no longer trusted) to achieve a solution (dollar bills no longer accepted). ~ Jackie Jura

Excerpts from the article:

~ A rash of counterfeit money created on cheap computer equipment has several large Canadian businesses refusing to accept $100 bills and the problem could lead to a crisis of confidence in the nation's cash

~ ...numerous retailers and restaurants are no longer accepting them at all. Some are also not accepting the $50 denominations for fear the counterfeit problem is spreading.

~ "There's a danger here that this problem will unsettle more business owners and the public," said the manager of the RCMP's central bureau for counterfeits. "Our currency is built on trust, and if the public or businesses perceive there is a problem,that trust is broken."

~ Shoppers Drug Mart Inc issued a memo to all of its 820 Canadian franchise stop accepting $100 bills until the problem is solved..."The problem is very serious" said Shoppers' Vice-President...

~ Fast food restaurants such as McDonald's, Tim Hortons and Wendy's all have franchises across Canada that are not accepting $100 bills, and often $50 bills as well...

~ ...the owner of Pet Valu stores in Toronto, said his bank told him to stop taking $100 bills after he received two fakes. "The second one came from a little old lady..."

~ ...the RCMP expect the fake cash will spread outside of Ontario and the counterfeit problem could last several months

Wal-Mart tests alternative to bar code (RFID tags are tiny chips that when hit with specific radio signal broadcast information stored on them). Globe & Mail, Jun 6, 2004. Go to 3.Surveillance & 20.Thought Police & SCANS-U-RIGHT & RFID

MONDEX MARK OF BEAST (plans to replace money with biochips embedded in people). Snopes, Apr 5, 2004

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RFID chipped credit cards end swipe (faster than cash & no fumble factor & interceptable w/o consumer's knowledge). CNN, Dec 13, 2003

CASH IS ONLY SKIN DEEP. Wired News, Nov 25, 2003

VERI-CHIP IS THE MARK (man from Veri-chip company on radio talking about its benefits). Calgary AM779, Dec 8, 2003

Subdermal RFID chip coming soon (walking around with chip in your arm carrying personal/financial information being scanned without your knowledge). Register, Dec 8, 2003

Massive identity theft feared (insurance company's hard-drive stolen while being upgraded). National Post, Jan 30, 2003

Fingerprint checkouts for groceries (will expand to stores nationally). NBC News, Nov 27, 2002. Go to HISTORY OF FINGERPRINTING

Penalized for paper bills (pay on-line or pay fees). NY Times, Oct 29, 2002

Retailers test paying by fingerprint (WalMart, McD's etc using biometrics). Yahoo!News, Aug 1, 2002. Go to 3.Surveillance

Privacy watchdog takes swipe over Smart Card plan. Sydney Morning Herald, Aug 13, 2001

*Counterfeit surge puts businesses on edge (problem threatens public trust in cash). National Post, Aug 9, 2001


Jackie Jura
~ an independent researcher monitoring local, national and international events ~