Six years ago (1999)I wrote the following letter-to-the editor which was published in a magazine I once subscribed to. The recent stories of Prince Charles' comments on the 1997 handover of Hong Kong to Red China has inspired me to share it with Orwell Today readers. ~ Jackie Jura

Dear Editor:

Prior to his assassination, President Kennedy was working to thwart Israel's and China's nuclear proliferation programs. Israel was in danger of losing its American funding because of its nuclear base at Damona and for sharing technology with China. And China's fledgling nuclear program was going to be "nipped in the bud" if JFK had his way. A month after JFK's assassination President Johnson reversed plans set up by JFK regarding these matters.

In the intervening 35 years we've seen the proliferation of nuclear weapons in both countries (make that ALL countries) and much of it has been funded by the taxpayers of North America. We're arming not only our so-called friends but also our enemies.

Recently we've learned about the giving of advanced weapons technology from USA to China. At first people blamed it on President Clinton but research proves that every administration since JFK has contributed toward increasing the military strength of China. It's just all coming to a head now with the imminent handover of the Panama Canal and with major North American ports from Vancouver on down through California considering COSCO (China Ocean Shiping Company) their most important "customer". Boy, these Red Chinese must be laughing behind our backs - not to our faces, of course.

I used to wonder why we were being so friendly with China, whom most people consider our greatest enemy, in that 55,000 Americans died fighting them in Vietnam, and 55,000 died fighting them in Korea. As well, we know they used our soldiers for experiment and torture and still hold many of them as prisoners of war.

I wondered why we had made such a crazy deal regarding Hong Kong, ie, building it up for 99 years and then handing it over to Communist China. Prince Charles was there in 1997 doing the official handover and he seemed happy.

Last week (August 16, 1999) in Beijing, the Chinese military paraded their fancy weaponry along a Tiananmen Square avenue called Avenue of Eternal Peace (an Orwellian phrase if ever there was one). This was in preparation for the big celebration planned for the October 1st, 50th annivesary of the People's Republic of China. This display was so daunting (ie hundreds of tanks and armored vehicles), it frightened the people of Beijing. It's the first time such a large display of military might has shown itself in Beijing since the Tiananmen Square massacre of 1989 which ushered in a repressive period of martial law in the capital. Looking at the newspaper picture of those missile launchers, I myself felt a tinge of fear for what they could portend. As well, I felt anger for the fact our Western governments committed treason to contribute to this display of military power.

I used to wonder why treason was committed with the Communist Chinese. I just couldn't figure it out. But now I have a theory. It's one I don't like to voice because it's so horrible, but seeing as how the subject of Communist China comes up almost daily in our lives, I want to toss it out there into the public domain:

I suspect the New World Order plans a takeover of North America using Communist Chinese soldiers as the subjugating force.

Every time I see a train pass through the city in which I live, with the word COSCO blazoned across it, I imagine it to be full of Chinese soldiers who have come ashore at one of the COSCO terminals. We know for a fact they have brought illegal drugs and weapons into the country this way, so why not human cargo? Boatloads of Chinese are arriving monthly in Canada via smuggling operations and the government is allowing them to stay.

There's an international super-highway being built which will cut a swath through the United States and into Canada which will be controlled by the United Nations. What better way to transport troops and goods in secret.

So that's my theory. Could someone come up with another explanation? I'd love to hear one.

Jackie Jura
August 1999


6.Superstates & 7.Systems & 5.Pyramidal New World Order

Red China is now USA's nuke detector (gets contract to scan cargo to protect America from nukes). WorldNetDaily, Mar 24, 2006
A USA Army South "Intelligence Update" stated, "Li-Kashing is directly connected to Beijing and is willing to use his business influence to further the aims of the Chinese government." Regarding Hutchison Whampoa's controversial takeover of the Panama Canal, the intelligence report stated, "Li's interest in the [Panama] canal is not only strategic, but also as a means for outside financial opportunities for the Chinese government." An "Intelligence Assessment" from the U.S. Southern Command's Joint Intelligence Center stated Li-Kashing "has extensive business ties in Beijing and has compelling financial reasons to maintain a good relationship with China's leadership." In addition, Li-Kashing was the founder and a board member of the China International Trust and Investment Corporation, or CITIC. In a 1997 report entitled, "Chinese Military Commerce and U.S. National Security," the RAND Center for Asia Pacific Policy reported that CITIC acted as a "shell" or front operation on behalf of China's Peoples' Liberation Army. The Judicial Watch complaint concluded that the billionaire is "an agent of the government of the Peoples' Republic of China."

Why COSCO wants Long Beach., Sep 3, 1998
The Chinese Overseas Shipping Co. is pushing harder than ever to secure a port facility at the former U.S. Naval Base in Long Beach, Calif...COSCO has a long history of being used by its Chinese military masters for spying and spreading chaos through smuggling of arms and drugs. "China's intelligence operatives are not stationed in embassies," explains Cmdr. Chip Beck, U.S. Naval Reserves (ret.) and a former CIA station chief. "They work out of banks, shipping companies and businesses." Several members of Congress have also confided that the Chinese use their industrial facilities and assets around the world as spy bases. Those suspicions are not limited to conservative Republicans, either. Even California Democratic have urged a full national security review of the COSCO Long Beach deal...Do you get the picture? Could it be any more obvious? Why, then, is the U.S. government still considering COSCO as a suitable tenant for such a sensitive port facility? It would seem like a no-brainer.

The threat of COSCO and SeaLaunch. WorldNetDaily, Sep 24, 1997
...Not only will this project make available to the Chinese and Russians all kinds of technical and strategic information, perhaps even hardware with military applications, but it will, more importantly, make possible unprecedented worldwide population surveillance.

Jackie Jura
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