By festooning the Hockey Night in Canada set with Huawei's logo,
even after the Chinese government
has kidnapped, threatened and sentenced Canadians to death,
HNIC broadcaster Rogers has cast a shadow over a venerable institution.
The company should do the honourable thing and cancel its agreement with Huawei.
Furthermore, those put off by China's treatment of Canadian citizens
should register their ire by not buying Huawei products.
Huawei, the direct beneficiary of China's thuggery,
deserves neither our eyeballs nor our business.



watch Don Cherry fired for Remembrance Day comments on Hockey Night in Canada, CBC News, November 14, 2019

"...You people love -- you who come here, whatever it is -- you love our way of life, you love our milk and honey,
at least you could pay a couple of bucks for a poppy..."

Being a true-blue patriotic Canadian (saying "eh" and watching hockey) it's the ultimate treason having HOCKEY NIGHT IN CANADA sponsored by the Communist Chinese. Now it's HUAWEI NIGHT IN CANADA (pronounced WAAAH-WAY).

Hockey Night in Canada's relationship with Huawei to continue
Toronto Star, December 11, 2018

Jarring though it may be to some viewers, Huawei's relationship with Hockey Night in Canada will continue despite the growing view that the giant Chinese tech company is a threat to national security. "The sponsorship agreement runs through the end of 2020", Sportsnet communications director Sarah Grossman told the Star in an email. Other than that, Rogers declined to comment on the situation swirling around Huawei and the appropriateness of the company's logo featured so prominently on Hockey Night In Canada, which draws around two million viewers for the 7 pm game. Rogers Media became entirely responsible for Saturday's broadcasts on CBC -- which are simulcast on Sportsnet -- after buying exclusive national broadcast rights from the NHL in a 12-year, $5.2 billion deal that began with the 2014-15 season. When the CRTC signed off on the deal, it granted Rogers a special licence to broadcast on the CBC's airwaves that includes Rogers' full responsibility over content, advertising and sponsorship for the program. "It's a Rogers production", said Chuck Thompson, head of public affairs for CBC's English services. "We have absolutely no purview over the Hockey Night In Canada broadcast at all".

It's nothing new, of course, having Red China running Canada's show -- they own or control our politicians, natural resources, industries, agriculture, livestock, fisheries, manufacturing, media etc ad infinitum -- and have moved here by the millions buying up all our housing and putting Canadians on the street in tents or converted China Ocean Shipping Company (COSCO) containers.


Having Huawei's global spy and surveillance system flashing in our faces every hockey night in Canada is too much for me (and so is NHL's Viagara ad with a macho black guy pitching an erectile dysfunction drug). So I'm going to turn off the tube and stop watching hockey -- even though it's the exciting Stanley Cup finals and a team that was last place in NHL standings in January is now, in May, playing for the championship -- the ultimate underdog story.

From dead last to Stanley Cup final, the St Louis Blues' glorious journey continues
CBC Sports, May 21, 2019

...The Blues made history. They were in 31st place, dead last in the league standings on January 2nd. A team that low in the standings has never made it to the Stanley Cup final. But five months ago rookie goalie Jordan Binnington caught fire and so did his teammates...

Coincidently, the St Louis hockey team historically made it into the Stanley Cup final on the same date -- 92 years ago -- that Charles Lindbergh historically flew his plane -- the SPIRIT OF ST LOUIS -- solo across the Atlantic Ocean -- May 21, 1927 to May 21, 2019. When the Blues return home to play the next game in the best of seven series they'll be flying high, like Lindbergh, in the spirit of St Louis.

Charles Lindbergh in the SPIRIT OF ST LOUIS flies solo Trans-Atlantic
Moment in Time, May 21, 1927

Charles Lindbergh flew a one-engine plane to Paris from New York... The 25-year-old airmail pilot from Detroit landed the SPIRIT OF ST LOUIS on this day in 1927 at Le Bourget airfield, and was greeted by a throng of 100,000 who had gathered to witness aviation history. He was nicknamed Lucky Lindy, but told the New York Times an excellent aircraft -- not luck -- made the 5,800-kilometre, 33 and 1/2-hour flight possible. The plane, paid for by a group of St Louis investors, had extra fuel tanks and one seat. His feat won him the US$25,000 Orteig Prize, and instant fame that would change his life forever....

Getting back to China in hockey -- adding insult to injury -- the best hockey player in Canada -- Wayne Gretzky, who's won Stanely Cups up the ying-yang -- has made a deal with Communist China to train the enemy to beat us at our own game.

Gretzky helping to grow hockey in China
NHL, August 8, 2018

Wayne Gretzky was named a global ambassador for Kunlun Red Star, China's team in the Kontinental Hockey League. He'll help with a youth development and training program for players ages 8-17 in Beijing and Shenzhen, with the goal of expanding to at least 20 locations in China... Gretzky, the NHL all-time leader in goals (894), assists (1,963) and points (2,857), will visit Beijing, Shenzhen and Shanghai from September 12-18, 2018. "To now have him part of the growth of hockey in China in the buildup to the 2022 Beijing Olympics will promote interest and participation in the sport, especially among young people", Ao Meng, Kunlun's executive director, told China Daily. It's the second straight year the NHL will visit China...

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What more is there to say other than that Canada is a national disgrace -- it's not a country, it's a corporation -- a communist/capitalist-run corporation -- and we the sheople are the bloody oil that fuels their Orwellian machine.

All the best,
Jackie Jura, May 2019

(not knuckling under; not turning into robot)

The St Louis Blues' captain hoists the Stanley Cup Wednesday night, in Boston
after the Blues defeated the Bruins in game 7 to win their first cup in the franchise's 52-year history
National Post, June 12, 2019

Canada can't afford to let Huawei into our 5G networks
National Post, May 31, 2019

Amid Beijing's trade war with Canada, the anxiety over the financial consequences of offending the Chinese Communist Party deepens. But would appeasing Beijing by allowing Huawei into our fifth-generation (5G) networks make real economic sense? With the emergence of 5G and the Internet of Things, communications technology will be overlain on our energy grid, connecting it with myriad devices and utilities. This would create numerous access points for penetration, and a cyber attack could easily be disguised with the large number and variety of sensors.... It will be extremely difficult to police the updates of so many network switches. Our grid might be smarter, but it will also be much more vulnerable....

To truly grasp the risk of allowing Huawei into our 5G networks, we need to understand what Huawei really is. Huawei is 99 per cent owned by a trade union committee -- not by employees, as the company claims. Trade unions in China are controlled by the state. Huawei's founder and CEO, Ren Zhengfei, vows that he will "never do anything to harm any other nation". But all Chinese companies and citizens are bound by the Chinese National Intelligence Law to "support, co-operate with, and collaborate in national intelligence work". A former People's Liberation Army engineer and still a senior Communist Party member, Ren's loyalty no doubt lies with his party.

Thirty years ago in Tiananmen Square, Beijing sent tanks to massacre its citizens. Now, Beijing has imprisoned millions of Uyghur people in concentration camps. Beijing uses hostage diplomacy against Canada, and does not honour international agreements or arbitration rulings not in its favour. Allowing a company ultimately controlled by such a thuggish, dictatorial regime in our 5G is inviting uncountable Trojan horses into our grids and surrendering control of the lifelines of our economy and society...

A Canadian 5G network in Beijing's ultimate control would result in not just the detention of two Canadians, but would make all Canadians hostages, in our own country. A Canadian 5G system in Huawei's hands could allow Beijing to threaten us with massive blackouts causing mayhem and billions in immediate losses, or with small-scale outages, inducing economic hemorrhaging, to bleed us to subservience. By then, it would be either politically impossible or financially prohibitive to rip Huawei out of our networks. Yes, if we ban Huawei from the 5G rollout it might cost Telus a billion dollars. Huawei might sue. Beijing might ban more Canadian imports, or forbid Chinese students to study here, or simply stop all Chinese tourists from visiting Canada. But allowing Huawei in our 5G networks could be fatal to Canada. It would be billion-wise, trillion-foolish. Huawei is just too expensive for Canadians.

It's time for Canadians to stand up to China and boycott Huawei products
by Martin Patriquin, National Post, February 12, 2019

On December 1, 2018, the day on which Canadian authorities arrested Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou on behalf of USA investigators, Hockey Night in Canada rang in with that familiar brassy jingle. After Don Cherry performed a mildly queasy fashion commentary of besuited players arriving for the night's Toronto-Minnesota game, the HNIC hosts hashed out the scandal that was the Maple Leafs' six-year, $41.77-million contract for underperforming forward William Nylander.

Viewers would also have spotted another (though more recent) staple of the broadcast: Huawei's clamshell-like logo. It beamed from under the hosts' table and hovered over their shoulders. The company name fell from Ron MacLean's lips as he introduced the segment. Thanks to a three-year, multimillion-dollar deal with broadcaster Rogers, the Chinese technology giant is at the very heart of Canadiana, viewed each Saturday by almost two million Canadians. Such an expensive branding effort would be fine, except for this: the Chinese government, to which Huawei is intimately tied, has been virulently anti-Canadian as of late. The Chinese government's harsh and arbitrary actions on behalf of the company, exercised solely to put pressure on Canada to release Meng, is why Huawei should be banished from the visual real estate of the country's most enduring hockey program. As well, Canadians should boycott Huawei products. In the weeks following Meng's arrest in Vancouver, the Chinese government has threatened the Canadian government, arbitrarily detained two Canadian citizens and changed the sentence of an Abbotsford, BC-born convicted drug smuggler from 15 years imprisonment to death. This sort of retaliatory diplomacy is particularly transparent in the case of Meng, who serves as Huawei's Chief Financial Officer. She is the daughter of Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei, an ex-People's Liberation Army engineer who parlayed his ingenuity and deep contacts with the country's Communist party into what has become a leading global telecommunications concern. China is demonstrably not amused.

By contrast, Huawei's Hockey Night in Canada gambit is part and parcel of an initiative to convince us that the company is but a producer of slick smartphones and advanced technology equipment. The company also sponsors the Ottawa Senators. Though it still pales in comparison to the likes of Apple and Samsung, Huawei holds almost four per cent of Canada's cellphone market share, and is growing. Meanwhile, the company's technology and hardware have been key in the building of the country's telecom infrastructure. It is one of the world's biggest purveyors of 5G network hardware and know-how. Huawei, so the company spiel goes, is more advanced and less expensive than its rivals.

Yet it is also deeply involved with the Chinese government. Consider how, when the federal government hinted at a ban of Huawei's 5G equipment, China responded with something close to clueless rage. "I believe there will be repercussions should Canada pursue such a ban", said Lu Shaye, China's ambassador to Canada, in January 2019. He also accused the federal government of "white supremacy" for daring to call for the release of the two Canadians detained following Meng's arrest. The feeling is reciprocal. According to a Chinese statute enacted in 2017, all Chinese companies must "support, co-operate with, and collaborate in national intelligence work and guard the secrecy of national intelligence work they are aware of".

It's why many companies and countries alike have been undeterred by Huawei's schtick and Chinese government pressure. The four main USA carriers don't carry Huawei smartphones. AT&T, one of the four, recently reneqed on a deal to sell Huawei's flagship phone. Vodaphone, one of the world's largest carriers, said it would temporarily stop buying the company's 5G equipment, citing security concerns. Last summer, the Australian government banned Huawei and Chinese telecommunications equipment company ZTE from its 5G network for the same reason.

Canada has been permissive by comparison. Canadian academic institutions still readily accept Huawei's money, to the tune of at least $500 million in direct research and development investment alone. In Canada, where R & D money isn't always easy to come by, it is difficult to turn down Huawei's largesse -- even if it is very likely tied to the Chinese government. Clearly, in the case of Hockey Night in Canada, turning down Huawei's advertising is similarly difficult. Yet by festooning the HNIC set with Huawei's logo, even after the Chinese government has kidnapped, threatened and sentenced to death Canadians after Meng's arrest, HNIC broadcaster Rogers has cast a shadow over a venerable institution. The company should do the honourable thing and cancel its agreement with Huawei. Furthermore, those put off by China's treatment of Canadian citizens in the wake of Meng Wanzhou's arrest should register their ire by not buying Huawei products. Huawei, the direct beneficiary of China's thuggery, deserves neither our eyeballs nor our business.

HuaweiFiveEyes The Five Eyes Intelligence Alliance (Australia-New Zealand-United Kingdom-USA-Canada), Canada Press, Jul 17, 2020

ChinaDisssentHongKong Pro-Democracy protesters are arrested in Hong Kong (Beijing will no longer tolerate dissent), NP May 26, 2020

watch China sends warning to US over Hong Kong, Nov 19, 2019 (China's foreign ministry has warned the United States not to interfere with Hong Kong's affairs, saying the city is part of China. Beijing issued their warning on another day of violence in Hong Kong. Protests that were happening every weekend now becoming a daily clash between demonstrators and police. Sky's Asia correspondent Tom Cheshire has the latest from Hong Kong...)

watch Don Cherry's firing because of comments on Hockey Night in Canada has been a polarizing topic across the country, CBC, Nov 14, 2019

Canada can't afford to let Huawei into our 5G networks
(would allow Beijing to threaten us with massive blackouts)
Hockey Night in Canada $5-billion deal with Huawei
(time for Canadians to stand up to China & boycott Huawei)
ChinaHuaweiBoycott GrezkyChinaHockey HockeyHuaweiContinue
Gretzky helping to grow hockey in China
News, May 30, 2019
Surveillance & Big Brother's Brotherhood

ChinaHuaweiSpySteal RCMP warns about foreign tech spying threat, GlobeMail, Nov 26, 2018
(...Canada considers allowing China's Huawei to take part in developing a 5G telecommunications network...)

(Communist China influences all politcal parties)
GlobeMail, Nov 30, 2017
In his last press conference before assassination:
& 4.Old World Destruction & 35.Brotherhood


2.Big Brothter and 3.Surveillance and 6.Super-States and 7.Systems of Thought and 20.Thought Police and 34.Ministy of Love (Torture) and 35.Big Brother's Brotherhood

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