Chinese President Hu Jintao
dispensed with diplomatic niceties yesterday
during a public appearance with Prime Minister Paul Martin,
bluntly dismissing concerns over Chinese industrial spying
while issuing his own warnings about a parliamentary bill
that would warm Canadian relations with Taiwan.

I've mentioned in previous articles on Orwell Today that Canada is in the mouth of the dragon and is being devoured just like The Gingerbread Man. If ever we needed a dragon slayer, it's now. See SAINT GEORGE ORWELL DAY

China's latest president, Hu (as in who's on first) made his first visit to Canada (as had all his predecessors) and met with the current prime minister who (like all his predecessors) handed over more of our resources to the Communist Chinese.

Chinese President Hu Jintao in Ottawa for first state visit to Canada, CBC, Sep 9, 2005 (In Ottawa Friday, China's President and Canada's Prime Minister announced a formal "strategic partnership" between the two countries, while officials signed a number of bilateral agreements on air and rail transport, food inspection, health research and nuclear research and development. The two leaders pledged to double trade between Canada and China within 5 years, it's now around $30 billion a year. China is Canada's second-largest trading partner, after the United States.... The more than 1 million ethnic Chinese in Canada are the largest minority of Canada's 33 million people. With the fastest-growing economy in the world and the rapid urbanization of their homeland, the Chinese are hungry for more oil and natural resources, which Canada can provide....)

Crooked-mouthed politicians (literally, as can be seen by the face of previous prime minister, Chretien, the one before Martin) have handed us over like lambs to the slaughter:

Crooked Face

Prime Minister Chretien is the guy who gave the red-carpet treatment to Indonesia's tyrant Suharto at the University of British Columbia and used the Royal Canadian Mounted Police to pepper spray protesting students.

pages 40/41

Chretien's also the same guy who grabbed a peaceful protester by the neck and started throttling him. See AMERICA'S MORONS

Canada's politicians are indubitably being paid big bucks behind-the-scenes by the Red Chinese to betray their own nation while in a position of trust, ie as public servants of the people. That's akin to the valet or butler at the mansion stripping the place bare while the master is out working to bring home the bacon. Who gave these servants the go-ahead to sell property they don't own? The resources of our nation belong to the people of Canada, not the Prime Minister or his cabinet or the bureaucrats and mandarins who run the show. See THE RISE OF GODFATHERS and CANADA'S MULRONEY BALONEY

Our current Prime Minister, for example, owns the largest shipping company in Canada on which he flies a foreign flag and on which he uses Chinese labour and Russian crews. See CANADA'S PM SHIPS COCAINE

This week the president of Communist China (as opposed to free China, Taiwan) is visiting Canada and is being given the usual red-carpet treatment (now we know why the carpet's red!).

It's never mentioned in any of the press coverage I've seen that Hu was the tyrant behind the Tiananmen Square massacre back in 1989. He's also the tyrant behind the slaughter of the Tibetans. See TIBET & TIANANMEN TYRANT HU

As our treasonous politicians sign further agreements over our resources and immigration policies etc with Communist China the former, former, former Prime Minister Trudeau's chickens are coming home to roost. See TRUDEAU & BEIJING and CANADA'S RED TRUDEAU

Just last month Canada's spy agency filed a report saying Communist China was spying on us through use of students and business exchanges. See CHINA SPYING ON CANADA

Now we've got the president of that Communist nation over here telling us how to behave toward the democratic nation of Taiwan, its sworn enemy and supposedly our friend. See CHICOM HATES FREE TAIWAN

Now read the following story and weep, Canada. THE CHINESE ARE COMING and we're in yellow peril. ~ Jackie Jura

Chinese leader talks tough with PM
Hu rejects industrial spying concerns, warns Canada about new links to Taiwan
Brian Laghi & Bill Curry, Globe & Mail, Sep 10, 2005

OTTAWA -- Chinese President Hu Jintao dispensed with diplomatic niceties yesterday during a public appearance with Prime Minister Paul Martin, bluntly dismissing concerns over Chinese industrial spying while issuing his own warnings about a parliamentary bill that would warm Canadian relations with Taiwan.

Exhibiting a penchant for straight talk, Mr. Hu also implored the Dalai Lama to "really do something" useful in his lifetime for Tibet and renounce his goal of independence from China, and, in response to a Canadian reporter's questions, characterized industrial espionage as "non-existent." Mr. Martin had himself raised the issue of industrial spying during his two-hour meeting with Mr. Hu.

The Chinese President is in Canada to push expanded trade with his country, but found himself on the receiving end of a series of concerns expressed by Mr. Martin during the meeting. These included industrial espionage, human rights, the treatment of Falun Gong followers and concerns over Tibet. The Prime Minister also said that, while Canada still believes in the ultimate reunification of Taiwan and mainland China, it cannot be accomplished through force. Mr. Martin said he told Mr. Hu that China's rocketing economic success and its increased leadership role in the world must be accompanied by continual improvements in human rights. "We believe that both economic development and better governance requires not only openness and transparency but an understanding of the importance of human rights," he said. In response, Mr. Hu said the Chinese government has attached a great deal of importance to the question of human rights, including incorporating the issue into the Chinese constitution. He added, however, that his country's most important concern is the survival of its citizens.

Mr. Hu expressed some concerns about potential shifts on federal policy toward Taiwan. The remarks appeared to be a reference to a Conservative private member's bill in the House of Commons that could make it easier for Taiwan to send its leaders on visits to Canada. "There have been some noises, discordant noises, on the question of Taiwan coming from within Canada," he said. "We hope that this question can be appropriately addressed so as not to undermine the political foundation of China-Canada relations."

Mr. Hu's visit is his first to Canada as President. He said that his own goals are to double trade between the two countries by 2010. He also said that any Chinese company investing in Canada will be urged to obey Canadian law. Chinese investment in the resource sector is a source of concern for some MPs, who say it should be closely monitored. The two sides inked a number of agreements on education, health research, governance and a deal that would increase the number of aircraft flights between the two countries.

Human-rights groups such as Amnesty International have been highly critical of Chinese policies in the runup to the visit, accusing the Communist government of torture, denial of religious freedoms, the banning of unions and the failure to allow its people to freely express themselves.

"Nationalize oil & gas" say Canadians (& cut taxes & fix pump price). CBC, Sep 6, 2005

China's Hu to visit resource-rich Canada (looking for minerals & energy). CNN, Sep 6, 2005

REMEMBER WHO HU IS (chief cop of China's police state chosen by cabal of Communist Leaders). Globe & Mail, Se- 6, 2005


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