As we approached the city of Gitarama we saw a few spectacular churches perched on top of nearby hills. But the driver was so busy honking the horn to let pedestrians know we were coming that we missed turning off to see them. But finally one loomed so majestically in the distance it could not be ignored and we followed the ribbon of road until we reached it.

Church Tall Church Jesus

I had to walk backwards hundreds of yards to fit it entirely in the lens of the camera. The statues were like something Michaelangelo would create.

The church was actually the centre of a huge school compound, and there were a few students about, although this being Sunday, there were no classes. All of a sudden loud drum beating was heard coming from a nearby building and I walked over to investigate. It was obviously a classroom turned into a rehearsal hall for students of traditional dancing.

Church Dancing Church Dancing 2

I sat on a bench watching for awhile, and when it was over remarked to the teacher that she was probably preparing future dancers for the National Troupe, which I'd seen on several occasions during the Investment Conference in Kigali.

Troupe 1 Troupe 2 Troupe 2

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