To Orwell Today,

Gulliver was a real pirate who smuggled tea. He lived locally, was executed and later buried in Kinson's St Andrews cemetary. Supposed to use series of underground tunnels to escape law. Lilliput is real neighbourhood in Poole, few miles away. Poole at time boasted largest natural port in world.

Raymond Wills

Hi Raymond,

Maybe that's who Swift had in mind when he chose the name "Gulliver" (if it was earlier than when Swift was writing). The "Downs" where Gulliver disembarked after each voyage is in that part of England. Pirates feature frequently in Gulliver's Travels and he does comment a couple of times on the importation of tea, coffee, etc. Almost every detail in the book can be connected to real events and real characters whose attributes are universal, thus making the story a classic that is timeless.

~ Jackie

Hello Jackie,

Thanks for reply. Church is 15th century... I know lots of local history. Kinson was main community. Robert L Stevenson lived above Chines and Treasure Island was based on Brownsea Island...Poole was famous for pirates...Steeped in history here.

Raymond Wills