by SGP, Poet Laureate of Weary Travelers

In the annals of airlines flying our world, many romantic signatures have crossed our skies KLM, BOAC, SAS, CPA, ELAL, TCA, BA, PANAM, VIASA also BWIA, lovingly known as BeeWee to visitors and home bodies of the Caribbean.

Turbulent times in the air lanes and in the board rooms have knocked BeeWee up and down but never quite knocked her out. The Caribbean regularly suffers newsflashes and speculation that BeeWee is going into Bankruptcy tomorrow it never quite happens. Tomorrow's flights leave and land as scheduled, or almost, perhaps a few hours or days late.

The love affair with Beewee is not always smooth but its never failing. There is not a traveler without a tale or two to tell of their experiences. Usually, an unscheduled stopover on one of the exotic islands, more often an arrival without baggage. In either case, the tale is a familiar one and always provides good conversation and a happy ending.

BeeWee are skilled and experienced at wooing their travelers. It seems a matter of course that a misadventure of some sort will materialize. In stride, an all inclusive five star hotel is at hand to accommodate the plane full of stranded passengers no luggage, no problem, an inconvenience allowance, some new clothes and a claim form bring smiles back quickly. Yes, a good spat leads to a good making up.

Wonderful as the experiences turn out to be, it is unsettling to calculate the costs of the making up. Alternative wooing might lend to a more practical and affordable relationship. It seems ungratefully arrogant to suggest filling the airliner with fuel enough to get to where it is going and to load all the baggage in the hold before departure.

If these and any other little suggestions can be helpful to beloved BeeWee, then they are indeed justified and serve the end that our Airline will for ever be alive and well. All aboard, welcome to Paradise.

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Jackie Jura
~ an independent researcher monitoring local, national and international events ~