I had always wanted to go to Kibuye (since missing it our first time in Rwanda) it being a beautiful resort town on Lake Kivu. Our driver took us to a motel he knew we would like at the end of a lakeside drive through town. It was Bethany Guest House.

Kibuye Motel

Below is the path leading up to our rooms #1 and #2 and Kevin standing in front with his "DGK" (Darn Good Kids) shirt on. He and Oliver relaxed on the wall in front of our rooms while I luxuriated in a bath after our dusty day on the road.

Motel Path Motel Rooms

Motel View

We had an excellent dinner that night in the restaurant at the bottom of the terraced grounds of the motel. Then later we caught up on email in the internet cafe next to the reception area and I left Kevin and Oliver there - reading my website - as I returned to my room for an evening of reading about Rwanda IN Rwanda - something I love to do. The next morning we returned to the restaurant for breakfast on the beautiful patio with the beautiful view of Lake Kivu.

Motel K & J

Motel Breakfast

After taking the photo of Oliver and Kevin discussing what to have for breakfast (NOT brochettes) I aimed the camera, to the right, at a couple of traditional fishing boats heading into shore with their catch. But for some reason the fishermen didn't want their photo taken and communicated so through hand signals (ie pushing their hands back and forth, not sideways in a wave). I could have taken the photo anyway (and kicked myself for not doing so). But later, on our last day in Kigali (while in a souvenir shop), I came across that exact scene painted on a traditional Rwandan guitar.

Kivu Guitar

Now that guitar hangs on the wall in my living room, assuaging my regret over not having taken that photo. And in reality, it's more beautiful - and somehow more real - than the photo could have been.

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