To Orwell Today,

Dear Jackie:

I do so very much appreciate your considerations for my poem A VILLAGE IN THE NORTH.

I so very much think that the story of leaving so many brave Americans behind is a story that needs to be told and I am sometimes appalled by the ignorance that so many people....young people of today....display about the struggles that our soldiers have endured to keep us free.

I am right now researching a story that in our history has remained hidden and works like yours can help uncover. I had a girl friend in Korea....Kim....and in our times together she told me the story of her family.

Her father was an actor in the just beginning....and booming....Japanese film industry. Her family was wealthy and lived in a mansion in Seoul. (She had photographs of her house...her mother...and her family....) There were eight girls and the parents.

One night....June 25th, 1950....they awoke to the shelling and noises and very loud explosions. People were filling the streets. Kim was four years old. Her father left to see what the noise was. They never...never...saw him again.

Frightened, they were asking the others in the streets what was going on. Everyone said...."You have to leave the city."

They took very little of what they could carry....a few family possessions...a few bags of rice....and very few clothes and departed on foot.

The South Korean army was trying...some of them...trying to make it to the front. The road was clogged with hungry and often bleeding refugees. The army had to clear the road so they opened up into the crowds with machine being blasted under the merciless machine make way for the South Korean soldiers.

In one burst....Kim saw her mother and four of her sisters....horribly mutilated....among the dead. When they tried to help, the soldiers screamed at them and shot everyone who stopped to help. They shot yet another sister.

The mothers left their babies beside the road as they had nothing to feed them. The din of screaming babies and dying people was so loud that it was deafening. Anyone who was weak or injured or starving simply fell beside the road....If they fell on the road they were simply tossed off by the soldiers....The whole scene became a nightmare of dying babies and people. Kim and one sister survived the war.

The real crime is this....we know, we can that the administration of ours... president Truman...and secretary of state Dean Acheson...and secretary of defense Louis Johnson...undoubtedly knew the war and the attack was going to happen. (The proof of this knowledge is impecable).

The slightest bit of warning and advance food supplies and evacuations would have saved...or at least spared many, many of the people. They sacrificed an entire let the women and children lie exposed to this type of brutality for political purposes.....That is so inhumane.

For political purposes...this administration would not let MacArthur broadcast in English...that we were coming to their this would upset the balance of opinion at the UN. (He had to lie to the UN about our intentions to gain their vote to make the entry of Americans "A UN response"). This lie not only deceived the UN, it deceived congress.

So they were allowed to broadcast our intentions...that they could expect American the Korean language...but not bolster their morale and stiffen their resistence.

This caused thousands of South Korean soldiers to bravely take a stance at the Han river...South of Seoul...awaiting the American help.

Since Truman had failed to communicate with his field commander...General Douglas MacArthur....his strategic plans of not defending the Han river...but rather withdrawing to Pusan...for a defensive perimeter.......these thousands of soldiers died a horrible death falling to the savagery and barbaric treatment of the North Koreans while awaiting the aid that never came.

The war is happened a long time ago...but I think we should do our best to understand some of the fallacies that existed....and strive to prevent their reocccurance. A president is a president...and he is a commander in chief.....but for the president to take over military considerations is as absurd as a non learned person telling an architect how to build a skyscraper...or an engineer how to build a large difficult bridge.

When a president...who knows not military matters...bludgeons his JCS leaders and his field commanders into submission to follow his own idiotic ideas of how best to fight a war...the result can be a disaster that destroys millions of lives.

Truman showed courage...enough raw boned courage to destroy two cities full of women and children...with the horrible weapon that we had developed...but he did not seem to have enough intestinal fortitude to use it on a purely military target such as the screaming hordes of hundreds of thousands of Chinese soldiers who slaughtered our American fighting men.

Both Korea and Viet Nam were Democratic deceptions, mislead ideas...and mistaken principals.....all seamed and meshed together with outright lies......and full of politically motivated falsehoods and criminal falsifications that has taken the lives of some of the best and bravest Americans who have ever existed.

That is a crime...a horrible crime...that is beyond words....

Thank you Jackie,
Jack Pillow



Jackie Jura
~ an independent researcher monitoring local, national and international events ~