They're looking to grease the wheels of their war machines again. They're actively recruiting our young men and women (their grease of choice). Governments are in cahoots with media, businesses and military to entice the young and the unemployed into 'volunteering'. If and when THAT doesn't work, they'll get more aggressive. In the past it's been called "conscription", "mandatory military service" and "the draft".

All the best,
Jackie Jura

DALLAIRE MYTH BASHING (says his hands were tied) & Dallaire asks youth to enlist ("get off your butts"). CTV, Sep 14, 2006

Blair relished sending troops to Iraq (his "first blooding"). Telegraph, Sep 20, 2005. Go to WITCHES, WIZARDS & DEMONS

At 21 Prince Harry stands at ease. Washington Post, Sep 15, 2005
...Prince Harry, in interviews earlier this week, said he expected to be spending his birthday in a trench. Currently enrolled at Sandhurst, the prestigious British Army officer training center in Surrey, he said he had no champagne birthday bash planned, despite his reputation as the "party prince." Rather, he said, he would be doing military exercises with the other lads. Red-haired Harry, third in line to the throne, said he could "easily see" himself spending 35 to 40 years in the army: "I do enjoy running down a ditch full of mud, firing bullets. It's the way I am. I love it." Harry, using more colloquial language than is usually heard from the royal family, said he had no intention of being an army officer if he couldn't be deployed to active service. "I hope I would not drag my sorry arse through Sandhurst . . . I would not have joined if they had said I could not be in the front line. The last thing I would want to do is for my soldiers to be sent away to Iraq and have me held back at home twiddling my thumbs, thinking what about David, what about Derek or whatever...". Go to ORWELL & HARRY AT ETON

R & R ain't what it used to be (babes & booze banned for GIs). "It's like a correctional facility. We sleep in bunk beds 30 to a room. We can't get off base when we want.". Telegraph, Apr 8, 2005

KITCHENER'S FACE BIG BROTHER (reader turns on light bulb). Mar 28, 2005. Go to 2.Big Brother

3,000 UK soldiers medically evacuated (war cripples healthy young men). Guardian, Nov 28, 2004. Go to TAMING THE TIGER

USA soldiers ready to attack Falluja (no one knows if rebels are there, "But the enemy has got a face. He's called Satan. He lives in Falluja. And we're going to destroy him"). BBC, Nov 7, 2004. Go to 28.Reality Control & 12.Minipax & FRIENDS AT ARMAGEDDON & ZIONISM IN AMERICA

ORWELL TODAY ON WAR (answering 64-Billion dollar question: Why did Bush go to war against Iraq?). Oct 16, 2004

US army food ...just add urine (reduces water soldiers need to carry). BBC, Jul 22, 2004. Go to 12.Minipax & 42.Party Tells Why & TAKE NOT OUR DAILY BREAD

POW flies out of North Korea (faces court martial in USA). CNS News, Jul 21, 2004. Go to 40.Electric Shock Brainwashing & 7.Systems & 22.Doublethink UNLCE SAM SAYS POW DESERTED

Reader asks about Afghanistan, Iraq & USA presidency

50,000 UK troops with Gulf illness & 102,000 US troops (related to war or inoculations). Guardian, Jun 11, 2004. Go to 14.Scientific Experimentation & VACCINATIONS & BIO/CHEM WARFARE

STAN the (almost) man (dummy's name means 'Standard Man' for military medics to practice on). Calgary Herald, Mar 7, 2004. Go to 14.Scientific Experimentation & MALE BASHING WHAMs

Kerry betrayed POWs & MIAs (denied evidence of their existence & so did Nixon-Ford-Reagan-Bush-Clinton...). Village Voice, Feb 26, 2004

GIs to go 5 days without food (using cocktail of 'neutraceuticals' to squeeze last ounce of strength). Wired, Feb 17, 2004. Go to 14.Experimentation & 15.Life in Oceania & TAKE NOT OUR DAILY BREAD

Forces still fear feces (men defecate by sides of roads). National Post, Jan 14, 2004. Go to 12.Ministry of Peace (War) & 8.Classes of People & CANADA'S TRAUMATIZED SOLDIERS

Vaccines linked to Gulf War syndrome (anthrax, botulism & other bio agents). Guardian, Jan 12, 2004. Go to VACCINATIONS BIO/CHEM WARFARE

WAR INC (Uncle Sam needs soldiers to protect his corporate pipelines in Iraq). Guardian, Jan 11, 2004. Go to 11.Ministry of Plenty (Starvation) & 12.Ministry of Peace (War)

Army keeping 7,000 troops from leaving (forced to stay in Iraq & Afghanistan). MyWayNews, Jan 6, 2004

TROOPS BREATHING FECAL MATTER (military to test Kabul's air quality). Ottawa Citizen, Jan 4, 2004

Rumsfield says USA needs bigger army (war is sport in Rummyland). Time, Dec 22, 2003

11,000 sick/wounded in Iraq; 457 dead (non-hostile bone injuries, surgeries, heart illness, brain & mental problems). UPI, Dec 21, 2003. Go to IRAQ A MAGICIAN'S TRICK & MAMAS DON'T LET YOUR BABIES SONG

Gulf vet seeks help (cleared uranium in bare hands). Province, May 5, 2003. Go to BIO-CHEM WARFARE

Tobacco shortage for troops (forced nicotine withdrawal at worst possible time). Yahoo!AP, Apr 1, 2003. Go to 11.Ministry of Plenty (Starvation) & TOBACCO TORTURE & SMOKING SOLDIER'S LAMENT

Schools opposing army recruiters (explaining rights to parents). Fox News, Mar 11, 2003


Some GIs refusing Iraq duty (560,000 resisted Vietnam draft). SunSentinel, Mar 7, 2003. Go to POWs LEFT IN VIETNAM & KOREA

GIs urged to refuse call-up (by vets from previous wars). WorldNetDaily, Feb 13, 2003

MIA remains met by Vietnam vets (more arriving from Laos soon). NY Times, Feb 12, 2003

Young, Jobless, Hopeless (for 5.5-million 16-24 yr-olds). NY Times, Feb 9, 2003. Go to 9.Keeping Masses Down

USA to burn dead soldiers (where they die on battlefield). CNN, Feb 9, 2003. Go to 12.Ministry of Peace

POWs FORGOTTEN IN KOREA (for POWs, Korea was not America's "Forgotten War"). Scripps Howard News Service

Students protest military recruiting ('No Child Left Behind Act' gives military too much power to call youth to arms). NorthJersey, Feb 1, 2003. Go to 12.Ministry of Peace (War)

Troops freeze sperm before deploying (in case of death or disease caused by war or vaccines). USA Today, Jan 27, 2003. Go to 30.Love Instinct & Family & BIO-CHEM WARFARE

Astronaut Glenn calls for draft (& mandatory national service to fight 20yr terror war). CNSNews, Jan 23, 2003. Go to 12.Minipax & 36.Volunteerism

Front-line troops disproportionately white, not black (poor rural whites face death). USA Today, Jan 21, 2003. Go to 12.Ministry of Peace

Schools give army student data (recruit w/o parents knowledge). Seattle Post, Dec 6, 2002

USA labels soldier deserter (says he willingly stayed in NKorea & will court-martial if he leaves). Stars & Stripes, Nov 30, 2002. Go to USA SAID GARWOOD DESERTED & KISS THE BOYS GOODBYE

Chechnya is Russia's Vietnam (18+ yr olds plucked off streets & forcibly put in army). Globe & Mail, Nov 30, 2002

Old men considering cumpulsory draft (sacrificing other peoples' children). UPI, Nov 24, 2002. Go to 12.Ministry of Peace


USArmy wants new recruits (using violent computer games as bait). BBC, Nov 12, 2002

Educators to support war on terrorism (military recruiters in high schools). NY Post, Nov 6, 2002


Army aggressively recruiting rookies (sends out teams to find them). London Sun, Sep 20, 2002. Go to 12.Ministry of Peace

Forces short on salesmen (only 9,387 recruits each year since 1993). National Post, Aug 3, 2002


~ Mamas DO let your babies grow up to be COWBOYS, song by Ed & Patsy Bruce

~ Mamas DON'T let your babies grow up to be SOLDIERS (adaptation of original), by Jackie Jura

Commander hopes troops get Afghan combat before going home (he's safe in command station in Tampa). Canadian Press, Jun 10, 2002. Go to 12.Ministry of Peace (War)

Uncle "SIM" Wants You! (Army using video games to woo recruits). Los Angeles Times, May 22, 2002

~ SURPLUS OF MALE CHILDREN IN CHINA (regime will use them up as soldiers). World Affairs Brief, May 17, 2002

Mandatory boot camp for high school grads (bill put forward in USA Congress). Stars and Stripes, Mar 14, 2002. Go to 12.Ministry of Peace

Young men hardest hit in 2001 job slump. National Post, Jan 26, 2002.

USA Congress considers new kind of draft (would require military training of all young men). WorldNetDaily, Jan 25, 2002. Go to 12.Ministry of Peace

Americans eye return of draft. National Post, Nov 28, 2001. Go to 12.Minipax

Building up Reserve strength (soldiers for combat). National Post, Oct 11, 2001. Go to DOUBLESPEAK IN 2001

Wave of patriotism fails to inspire surge in recruits. National Post, Sep 18, 2001

KOREAN, VIETNAM & GULF WARS (thousands of soldiers abandoned)

Go to 11.Ministry of Plenty (Starvation) and 12.Ministry of Peace (War)

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