Don't you think it's a major insult to the tax-paying citizens it feeds off to have NASA's logo honour a Martian who is out to destroy the planet Earth because we block its view of Venus? I wonder where on Earth they'll stage the Mars photos? ~ Jackie Jura

Marvin the Martian takes part in NASA exploration
Joins Daffy on logo
Siri Agrell, National Post, Jun 5, 2003

Captain David Krambeck of Team Delta calls Looney Tunes Marvin and Daffy a "perfect fit" for NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Mission. In 1948, Marvin the Martian realized his first mission had failed when he did not hear "an Earth-shattering kaboom." But while the animated alien was always thwarted in his efforts to blow up Earth, he will finally witness a shattering kaboom next week, when the NASA Mars Exploration Rover Mission lifts off.

The Looney Tunes character will join Daffy Duck on the mission's official logos, which will be worn by Team Delta crews, comprised of members from NASA, the United States Air Force and Boeing. The Warner Bros. creations will also be found on shoulders throughout the mission control booth and the Air Force 1SLS launch pad, and will be carried on mission jackets and mugs.

"Daffy Duck and Marvin the Martian struck us as such a perfect fit," said Captain David Krambeck of Team Delta. "They capture the fun and adventurous spirit of these important explorations."

Representatives from the air force worked with Warner Bros. to create the official patch designs for both the Mars-A and Mars-B missions. One patch features Marvin saluting the Mars Rover and the other Daffy Duck, as Duck Dodgers, posing proudly with the American flag.

The first launch is scheduled for Sunday, the second for June 25.

"It is exciting that our characters, which for so many years have been associated with space adventures in the animated world, should now have a chance to become part of a real and important space exploration," said Jordan Sollitto, executive vice-president of worldwide marketing for Warner Bros. Consumer Products.

In numerous Warner Bros. cartoons over five decades, Marvin the Martian attempted to blow up Earth with his Illudium PU-36 Space Modulator. He complained the "irritating chunk of rock" blocked his view of the lovely Venus. With the aid of an ACME Disintegration Pistol and hundreds of cloned Martians, he clumsily fought Earth ambassador Duck Dodgers, of the 24th and a half century. Created by Chuck Jones and given a voice by Mel Blanc, the animated adversaries starred in many of Warner Bros.' most popular cartoons.

In a 1991 instalment, "Bugs Bunny's Lunar Tunes," Marvin goes before a Mars court to get a permit to blow up Earth. He asserts Earthlings create pollution, clutter up outer space and portray space people as monsters.

The two NASA missions will send rovers into outer space in an effort to determine whether Mars' ancient climate was warm and wet enough to harbour life -- monstrous or otherwise. The two rovers will spend 90 Martian days touring the surface, imaging and analyzing rocks in two broad regions, while the Mars Express's Beagle 2 lander focuses on soil chemistry and its orbiter maps minerals and tracks the planet's climate.

Boeing International, which built the mission equipment, also has a deal with Lego to produce a set of colourful blocks that form a miniature replica of the rover.


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