To Orwell Today,

Dear Jackie!

How are you? How is your work of speaking for victims of this world? I am always with you through your Web Site, and hope to continue doing it 'cause I am inspired by your devotion to this cause.

I am sorry, I don't have the ability to follow the different situations of oppression that happen all over the world like you (God bless you for that) but the situation in my area is breaking my heart. As I am writing, I am in a desperate situation due to what is happening in our Land. The whole world is up in arms against my hero Laurent NKUNDA although he seems in great confidence but I am not sure. As of now Angolans have entered into the fight against him on the side of the Government. The EU spearheaded by France are on the way, and even MONUC wants some extra 3,000 troops to make their force 20,000.

All these against NKUNDA. All these to help Kabila's force. Now this is what I wanted to speak about.

All these forces have been mandated to help Government forces. Unfortunately, as you can see, the Government forces, apart from allying themselves with Genocide forces (FDRL) - as if this is not enough - are committing so much atrocities it is even shameful to call them a Government force. Furthermore, all this is done in the eyes of MONUC.

Congo-Kinshasa: Government Troops 'On the Rampage'. AllAfrica/IRIN, Oct 30, 2008
While much of the criticism over the sharp escalation of violence in North Kivu has been levelled at troops loyal to renegade general Laurent Nkunda, on the night of 29 October, government troops reportedly went on the rampage in Goma. "Last night I was in my home with my family," Stuart, a resident who fled to Gisenyi in Rwanda, told IRIN. "Government troops were shooting outside, in the street, all over the neighbourhood. They were shooting heavy guns and breaking into people's houses, and killing people, and looting; I saw them. It felt like anarchy, there was no law," he said. "The situation is very bad. When you see Congolese people fighting other Congolese people and looting their homes it is very frightening. My family aren't safe. I couldn't bring them with me because I don't have the means, I can't afford to accommodate them if I bring them all across. "This is very much the worst it's been in the last 10 years, even during the war, I've never been this scared," said Stuart. There were reports of killings and other atrocities. "A family of six people was killed by soldiers, a man and his two sons were beaten and there were also cases of looting and rape," Jason Luneno, head of Goma's civil society, told IRIN. John, another Goma resident, said he had seen soldiers "fleeing in disarray, some in tanks, some in requisitioned civilian vehicles". He also witnessed tens of thousands of displaced coming in from villages where there had been fighting. The following day, however, the town was eerily calm and empty. "We don't know what's happened to the displaced population because everyone went their own way," said Ibrahima Coly, head of the UN Refugee Agency's Goma office. He said some 30,000 displaced people (IDPs) had arrived the previous day at an established IDP camp in Goma but quickly fled again as panic spread across the town. "This [30 October] morning the town was deserted, shops are closed."

I am sure if what is being done by Government soldiers and their allies (Mayi Mayi, FDRL, Pareco) was being done by Nkunda, by now the whole world would be after him. Shame on United Nations.

It seems that all the world wants is for NKUNDA to disappear, but his demands are very simple: Leave my people in peace, repatriate the Interahamwe since they are the ones attacking my people. That is all.

Unfortunately the Government has integrated the Interahamwe and is refusing any discussion with Nkunda. What should NKUNDA do then?

By calling in the help from Angola and Zimbabwe, it means Congo's army have failed completely. But they will also fail because they don't have a cause to fight for while Nkunda's force have.

On another interesting issue is the arrest of a top Rwandan official in Germany, Mme Rose Kabuye who I think is the highest ranking woman in the Rwandan army (Colonel). She was arrested in Germany on an arrest warrant from France (very interesting). But that same country, Germany, hosts someone by the name of Ignace Murwanashyka, a worldwide Leader of the FDRL wanted in Rwanda for the atrocities. He has never been disturbed and is living peaceful in Germany.

Top Rwandan aide chooses French terror trial. Guardian, Nov 10, 2008
...Rose Kabuye, Kagame's chief of protocol and a former officer in the Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF), which ended the killing of about 800,000 Tutsis by Hutu extremists, was arrested at a German airport on a French warrant on Sunday. Kabuye is one of nine senior Rwandan officials indicted two years ago by France's leading anti-terrorism judge, Jean-Louis Bruguière. He accused them of assassinating the then Hutu president, Juvenal Habyarimana, and thus marking the start of the systematic slaughter of Tutsis. A more widely accepted version is that it was Hutu extremists who killed Habyarimana prior to seizing power and overseeing the genocide....The arrest came as Rwanda was preparing its own indictments against senior French officials it accuses of backing the genocidal regime. Earlier this year, a Rwandan commission named 13 French political leaders, including the former president François Mitterrand and 20 military officials, as being complicit in aiding those responsible for genocide. The two-year investigation also accused French forces in Rwanda of crimes against humanity and of using a UN-sanctioned haven for refugees to help those responsible for the 100 days of mass slaughter to escape justice....The timing of Kabuye's decision to face trial may also have been influenced by the upheaval in Congo. Rwanda is under pressure over its ties to the Tutsi rebel leader, Laurent Nkunda, who has been accused of war crimes as he seized swathes of eastern Congo in recent weeks. France has been particularly vocal in its criticism and in proposing European military intervention. Kabuye's arrest will help remind the world that the conflict has its roots in the genocide.

By the way, the whole issue of those warrants originates from investigations done by French judge Brugiere and the Main provider of all information is one fugitive RPF Soldier RUZIBIZA (He lives in Europe). I would like to share the following link to readers of Orwell Today where RUZIBIZA himself is interviewed by Rwandan local radio:

Interview with Abdoul Ruzibiza (about the arrestation of Rose Kabuye in Germany). Contact FM, Nov 11, 2008

Peace in great lakes region,
Mitali Yves

Greetings Yves,

It's godcidental to hear from you because I just now put a new article about the Congo on the website, with links to truth about Nkunda:

Kabila's Congo army rampaging & raping (helping Rwandan Hutus slaughter Congolese; 17,000 UN troops doing nothing to stop it). Scotsman, Nov 13, 2008. Go to CONGO WOLVES ON NKUNDA & UK PEACEKEEPING NOT KEEPINGPEACE & NKUNDA SHOULD BE HERO & SLEEPING ON LAVA IN RAIN & 11.Ministry of Plenty (Starvation)

My thoughts are never far from Africa - especially my two special countries, Rwanda and Congo - and my two special people, Paul Kagame and Laurent Nkunda. I pray every day that they succeed in doing what's best for the people of their nations, as I believe without a doubt that those are their intentions - peace and prosperity for everyone in Rwanda and Congo.

Goma Church Goma Bike

I often look at my favourite photos of Congo, taken in Goma, of the church and the little boy on the wooden bicycle. Those are symbolic of the things I pray for - God's people.

But I must admit, as do you, that my heart is breaking and I am frightened at the thought of Angola and Zimbabwe sending troops and supplies to Kabila to help him fight Nkunda. China's presence in Zimbabwe has destroyed that nation completely, and China's presence in the Congo worries me too. We discussed this problem in a previous conversation. See ZIMBABWE SPADE RED CHINA. I brought this to readers' attention a couple of weeks ago in other articles I posted:

Nkunda opposes Congo deal with China (to extract 9.6 million tonnes copper; more than 500,000 tonnes of cobalt). CBC, Oct 31, 2008. Go to CONGO RICHES CHINA NOW & CONGO CHINA REGIME CRONIES & KNOW NKUNDA CONGO & 6.Disputed Territories (inhabitants expended like coal or oil)

How can Nkunda win against them all - including that same traitor France which helped in the Rwandan genocide and which is now pushing to add more troops to the United Nations which is blatantly siding with Kabila and blaming Nkunda for everything that's happening.

Congo rebel General Nkunda talks to BBC (government using Hutu genocidaires against all Congolese people) & Nkunda ceasefire allows humanitarian aid (Kabila/Hutu soldiers raping/looting/killing) & Thousands refugees fleeing Congo chaos (UN aid agencies cutting off aid) & UN Security Council president from China (heads 17,000 UN troops in Congo overseeing humanitarian disaster in Kivu). BBC/IPS, Oct 31, 2008. Go to GOMA CAMP MAFIA HOTEL & 22.Doublethink & 2.Big Brother (a dedicated sect doing evil)

China is also a force against Nkunda. It's like the proverbial 500-pound gorilla in the room that nobody will talk about. I visited the gorillas in the Virunga Volcano Mountains that straddle Rwanda and the Congo. Those are the countries the gorillas and the people and the resources belong to - not foreign nations from the west or the east or the north or the south. Congo for Congo and Rwanda for Rwanda is how it MUST be and that is what this hell on earth that is going on over there is all about, ie WHO gets it all. See KABILLA-CHINA-GORILLAS-NKUNDA & CHINA A 500-POUND GORILLA

The miracle is that if it weren't for Nkunda the game would be lost for Congo. He's the only hope right now for Congo. And our only hope to help him is to spread the word and pray to God truth and good prevail.

Thanks for that link to the other debacle about the arrest of Rose Kabuye. I actually met her when I was covering RWANDA'S LIVING LEGEND IN LONDON and she's in the photo (wearing the long gold skirt) of Kagame hoisting a trophy he's been awarded. Then I met her again during my DESTINY DESTINATION RWANDA trip where she was organizing the LIBERATION DAY 2006 celebrations at Amahoro Stadium and she invited us to THE RECEPTION FOR PRESIDENT KAGAME. Also, I have an article about her on the website at RWANDA'S ROSE. My thoughts are definitely flying her way.

Thanks as well for sending that link to the Contact FM radio program (which I didn't realize also broadcast in English) so that I could listen to that interview with Ruzibiza and share it with Orwell Today readers.

No doubt you saw this editorial cartoon in today's Rwanda New Times showing French judge Bruguiere's boat sinking. It's good for a laugh to lift up the spirits:

Boat Sinking
The star witness of two European judges who have indicted Rwandan officials
has thrown the spanner in the works by retracting his testimony.
Abdul Joshua Ruzibiza says the plot was the work of the French intelligence services.

Amahoro in Great Lakes Region,
Jackie Jura

PS - And to lift the spirits even higher, here's something great from Uganda's New Vision: NKUNDA CASE FOR REBELLION


Mugabe backing Kabila in Eastern Congo (allegations of rampant looting, killing and rape). Rwanda New Times, Nov 2, 2008

Congo & Rwandan Ministers for Foreign Affairs meet. MONUC, Sep 3, 2007 (..."The ex FAR Interhamwe constitute a problem, firstly for the Congolese, as they kill, rape and steal every day, but they are also a permanent menace for Rwanda. These meetings will allow us to find a response for the people and the government. We must prevent an escalation, because an escalation is possible,” he explained....“It is my ardent hope that this visit will lead to a renewed commitment by the government of the DRC to track down, disarm, demobilise and repatriate the ex- FAR/ Interhamwe alias FDLR,” he added....“Rwanda remains ready to play a role in reviving dialogue between General Nkunda and the government of the DRC, if that is the wish of the belligerents. We think a peaceful solution to the crisis is possible, and indeed, preferable,” he concluded.)

Sliding back into abyss. Guardian, Sep 3, 2007 (...Yesterday the United Nations began airlifting thousands of government troops into eastern Congo after a renegade Tutsi general pulled his forces out of the national army and began attacking government troops. Laurent Nkunca accused them of collaborating with Hutu extremists responsible for the genocide 13 years ago of Rwanda's Tutsis. Within the blink of an eye, many of the elements of what was once called Africa's world war were back with a vengeance....The government tried to move Nkunda's units out of the region. With the memory of the Tutsi genocide so fresh, Nkunda refused and the government partially backed down. Then Kinshasa announced it would halt a military offensive against the FDLR, the Hutu rebels, which allegedly includes former members of the "Interahamwe" which led the killing in the Rwandan genocide. For the general [Nkunda] and for Rwanda, the defence of Congo's Tutsi minority is paramount....UN diplomats also recognise that there will be no end to the conflict unless the Hutu extremists within the FDLR are dealt with, the Tutsi minority defended and Rwanda's security concerns addressed....)

Kabila troops move toward Nkunda (may ally with Rwandan Hutus). Voice of America, Sep 2, 2007

'State of war' in eastern Congo (Kabila & UN forces support Hutus who kill Nkunda-supported Tutsis). BBC, Sep 1, 2007

Jackie Jura
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