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Dear all,

We have been telling the world that Bosco NTAGANDA is only a puppet put on by a foreign country to undermine the Congolese people's journey toward a true freedom. Well today, again, the entire world can see we were right.

This is an excerpt from the news media this morning. Has ruthless rebel turned partner for peace?. Globe & Mail, Jan 3, 2009:

(...Mr. Ntaganda has promised to integrate his rebels [CNDP] into the Congolese military. But when a ceremony was held last week to issue uniforms to the rebels and begin their integration into the military, only a few dozen of his men showed up. The ceremony had to be postponed a day when some of his forces refused to participate. And diplomats boycotted the event because of Mr. Ntaganda's status as an accused war criminal.

"The ceremony was largely for show," said Anneke Van Woudenberg, a researcher in eastern Congo for Human Rights Watch, an independent rights group that has documented abuses in the region. "Only 30 to 40 rebels showed up. So far the process is not working very well. The rebel units are still largely independent."...)

The CNDP has one leader and this is LAURENT NKUNDA MIHIGO. The CNDP has an executive committee, a sound program for the liberation of Congo.

And definitely President Paul KAGAME does not have to appoint either the LEADER nor the executive and definitely he has not the power to formulate the Liberation policy of Congo. He should take care the Rwandan's problems, and for that matter, I think he has a full plate.

As for BOSCO NTAGANDA, we sincerely suggest they take him with them when that little promenade is over in February as we did not make deal in his regard with Kabila or the International Court.

-Sharangabo Rufagari

Greetings Sharangabo,

They say great minds think alike, and just as you were writing your comments on that Globe & Mail article, I've been writing mine. See NKUNDA SAFE LIKE LUMUMBA?

That so-called "news" story was so full of Orwellian Ministry of Truth LIES that it's almost enough to make a person despair at the thought of the world never realizing what's really going on and how terribly Nkunda - and the Congo - have been betrayed through mis- and dis-information.

Jackie Jura

PS - I still get amazed when I watch Nkunda's CNDP PILGRIMAGE OF RECONCILIATION to North Kivu and see that traitor Ntaganda sitting there beside him. I wonder if he was chosen all along to be the one to play Judas to Nkunda.

NKUNDA LAST CONGO INTERVIEW (...Apparently there was a deal between DRC and Rwanda that no one in the Western media has reported. Sources say Rwanda assured Kabila that Rwanda was capable of destroying Nkunda. They tried to accomplish this by installing Ntaganda as head of the CNDP, but the plan fell apart when the CNDP army remained loyal to Nkunda. Sources say Ntaganda was given $250,000 and promise of amnesty from his indictment by The Hague for war crimes....)


Jackie Jura
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