Dollar Pyramid

The "Orwell Today" logo - the Pyramid with the All-Seeing Eye - was scanned directly off the back of the American one dollar bill and then enlarged and coloured using white, black, red and gold. I chose the capstone of the pyramid as the logo because my website is a search for the truth, including about the Secret Society that is conspiring against the world (which Orwell referred to as the Brotherhood) of which the pyramid is its symbol.

I also chose the pyramid because in 1984 Orwell describes the evil Big Brother organization as a pyramid. At the top of the pyramid (the capstone) is Big Brother, ie World Government, with its surveillance system (the telescreen, helicopters, microphones, cameras and thought police everywhere) represented by the All-Seeing Eye. And below Big Brother are the other levels of the pyramid, ie the Inner Party (the elites), the Outer Party (politicians, bureacrats etc), the Masses (the working class) and at the base the third-world slaves (which we're fast all becoming). Also, the four ministries that run the Big Brother organization are in buildings shaped like pyramids.

Orwell knew of the writings of the Satanist Allister Crowley and recognized that Big Brother was "a dedicated sect doing evil" and that it was out to control the world and replace God with itself. He explains all of this in 1984 through the character O'Brien and through the writings of the book entitled Oligarchical Collectivism by Emmanuel Goldstein. See GOLDSTEIN PLAN FOR WORLD DOMINATION. ~ Jackie Jura


TRUTH INSIDE, NOT OUT THERE (reader notices "Orwell Today" logo is from American one dollar bill)


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