Today -- July 4th, 2003 -- is the birthday of the United States of America, a nation that used to represent freedom and a safe haven for those in the world fleeing tyranny and terror. But now, at the age of 227, the bastion of freedom is dying as is its relative to the north, Canada.

In response to freedom-invading events that have been occurring lately in the city in which I live, I wrote the following letter to the editor which was published in today's Daily News. I'm sharing it with my worldwide readers because it describes events that are occurring all over the free world. I include it with the heading provided by the editor: ~ Jackie Jura

Believe it, they are watching you

Bureaucrats, Police and Politicians (in that order) are setting up a communist Police State in town -- and in every other town and city in Canada -- and in the USA, Britain and Australia as well.

Police State events happened in the news this week with no commentary in the way of criticism or alarm-sounding. Under no circumstances do the BPPs want the people awake -- at least not until everything's set up. For example, the Privacy Commissioner -- the only BPP in the country to speak out against police surveillance and government power-grabs -- was a flunky appointed to his lofty position the day after declaring bankruptcy over tax evasion. Then -- just when he was needed most -- his "shady background" was exposed and down the drain he goes in the bathwater containing our privacy protection. Slick move on the part of the BPPs.

On a more local level, the mayor, councillors and police brass have been meeting in secret behind closed doors. Word came out in one of the local papers (KTW, June 20) that says in effect that the police are setting up a Kangaroo Court wherein instead of laying criminal charges (in other words, no crime has been committed) the uncharged, untried, unproven offender will have to apologize and take a course provided by a prisoner-advocacy group, the John Howard Society. If offenders are underage, their parents can attend.

The BPPs are sharpening lots of "new tools" to use against the defenceless young while all the while laying traps for them -- like keeping bars open longer; filling cars with distracting gadgets; restricting their freedom to use their vehicle the same way an adult can; granting power to seize skateboards; making them show ID to tobacco clerks (and in the meantime handing out needles for people who inject drugs).

Then more word came out (KDN, June 23) through the mayor's column letting us in on the fact that the police are going to be doing more "preventive" work than "reactive" work. Actually, this is the meaning behind the word "Crimestoppers" which Orwell coined in the book "1984". It means "stopping crime before it happens" and is the justification for watching people 24/7. The movie "Minority Report" has a similar theme in that people are assumed guilty and it's up to the BPPs to catch them while they're innocent to "prevent" their future crime.

Then in the Daily News, June 24, even more word came out describing Police State plans for the schools. It includes programs like DARE and PARTY and DRUG FREE ZONES with cops in the halls and senior students being paid to "monitor" younger ones. That's another thing Orwell warned about in "1984" where children were taught to spy on each other through programs in the schools called "Spies and Youth League" that produced in them "no tendency whatever to rebel". In other words, good little citizens -- just like in China and the Soviet Union. I wonder when they'll announce surveillance cameras in parks and city streets to go along with the helicopter and taser guns?

I hope the above examples give people a greater understanding of what is going on behind the closed doors of the tax-funded servants who love biting the hands that feed them. Is it starting to hurt yet? ~ Jackie Jura

Inquiry into teen's death by guards (pushed shackled-chained-handcuffed boy against elevator door which opened). Macleans, Jan 11, 2004. Go to COPS WHO KILL BLAME VICTIMS

COURT GUARDS KILL TEEN (120-lb boy, handcuffed & shackled, kept calling out he was hungry, guards enter cell, grab by neck, bang back & forth on elevator door hard enough to shake witness's cell, then man shouts 'Oh my God'). Edmonton Journal, Jan 24, 2004. Go to 34.Miniluv & ANIMAL FARM DOGS & 'Weekend jails' ready to open (51 weekends for a single offence not bad enough for jail). BBC, Jan 24, 2004. Go to 21.Crimestop

RCMP WATCHDOG WARNS CANADIANS (police misusing anti-terrorism powers). National Post, Jul 4, 2003

Police message to people of Canada: ('Do as you're told & you won't get hurt'). The Province, Jul 1, 2003. Go to CANADA COPS UNLEASHED

Privacy Commissioner tax-deal sparks probe call. Toronto Star, Jun 27, 2003
OTTAWA—George Radwanski's deal to wipe out a tax debt of $550,000 just before he was named privacy commissioner raises so many questions that MPs need to review how the most senior appointments are dished out, an all-party Commons committee will recommend today... Members initially planned to call for him to be fired, but that became unnecessary when Radwanski left voluntarily this week with an $80,000 severance package. He has repeatedly insisted he did nothing wrong and that MPs are out to get him because of his strong criticism of government privacy policies... The committee report also includes allegations that Radwanski bought the silence of one of his outgoing officials with cash, a source on the committee told Canadian Press yesterday... Some MPs have argued the tax settlement should be scrapped if it turns out Radwanski knew he was about to get a $210,000-a-year job but didn't mention it to tax officials... Some committee members would also like federal Auditor-General Sheila Fraser to investigate a settlement that allowed Radwanski to clear a tax debt of more than $550,000 by paying less than $63,000... Fraser has already agreed to conduct a special audit into financial issues at Radwanski's office, including his lavish lunch tabs, foreign travel and a contract alleged to have been given to his son's girlfriend...

New privacy czar drops challenge of RCMP video surveillance in Kelowna, BC. Canadian Press, Jul 4, 2003
OTTAWA (CP) - Robert Marleau, Canada's new privacy commissioner, is withdrawing an appeal in the case involving video surveillance by the RCMP in Kelowna, B.C. Last summer, former commissioner George Radwanski launched legal action stating the surveillance was in violation of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Radwanski argued the camera, trained on a downtown park in the Okanagan city, violated the privacy rights of citizens and should be declared unconstitutional... but Marleau announced Friday he is dropping the action. "Although the commissioner and his office continue to have a variety of concerns regarding video surveillance of public places by public authorities, continuing this particular action is not perceived as a useful way of spending public funds," the commissioner's office said in a news release...



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