If this doesn't prove to the sleeping masses that it's a mad, mad, mad, mad world than I doubt that anything will. The owners of a family farm spent $60,000 fighting the Canadian government's plan to slaughter their healthy herd JUST IN CASE the animals had Mad Cow Disease. This is the same horror story enacted out in Britain this past couple of years wherein perfectly healthy animals representing the best of Britain's livestock were likewise slaughtered JUST IN CASE.

The bigger picture here is the government is under orders from the powers-that-be to pave the way for the takeover of the food industry by international agriculture conglomerates involved in genetic engineering and factory farming. Nothing pure and natural will be allowed to live. Don't people realize that what we allow to be done to animals will eventually be done to humans? ~ Jackie Jura

Slaughter of water buffalo angers couple. National Post, Aug 15, 2002
A Vancouver Island couple intent on raising water buffalo are reeling over news that 14 of their animals slaughtered on federal orders to check for mad cow disease did NOT have the illness... Dr Con Kiley, spokesman for the food agency, defended the federal prudence. "We did not know before that they did not pose a risk," he said yesterday. "Now we know they do not pose a risk." He said the surviving animals are now free from a long-standing quarantine. "Now they are Canadian animals," he said.

Water Buffalo taken to slaughter, National Post, July 29, 2002
14 pure, healthy animals from a herd of 42 were ordered by federal inspectors to be slaughtered and their brains checked by scientists as part of Canada's "zero-tolerance" policy on mad cow disease... The only way veterinarians can tell if an animal has BSE is by checking its brain after it has died. There is no way to conclude if a live animal has the disease... There has never been a case of BSE in water buffalo... The government has defended their actions as "a prudent measure to protect Canadian livestock."... The farm affected has been in the family for 47 years and with the loss of the animals the only income will be proceeds from a "bed and breakfast". Darrel and Anthea Archer cried as the much loved, intelligent, milk-producing animals were loaded on the truck to be taken out of the province for slaughter ...

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Mad Cow case in Canada (USA immediately bans imports which total $2.5-billion/yr)., May 20, 2003


Mad Cow vaccine almost ready (avoids large-scale slaughter presently used to detect). Toronto Star, Jun 2, 2003. Go to BIO-CHEM WARFARE: VACCINES & PROBABLE-SUSPECTED SPIEL

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