The same man who declined vast sums to reveal royal secrets is now [2002] the object of a feeding frenzy created by the powers-that-be. Princess Diana's "rock" who stood by her after everyone else in the world abandoned her for one reason or another, is now being dragged through the mud. The motive to destroy the character and credibility of someone who couldn't be bought is simply that - he couldn't be bought so he's being destroyed. While the white-wigs in the black-robes attack a true friend of Diana - over keepsakes like CDs, clothes and photos - those who stole her life are left to their own devices. This much ado about nothing proves there's something rotten in the state of England. ~ Jackie Jura


Sarah Ferguson says she was always unfavourably compared to Princess Di (admits she was a binge-eater because of it). Mirror, Mar 2, 2009
And she revealed that, rather than sympathise, Diana knocked her confidence even further. The Duchess of York said: "I remember Diana saying to me, 'It's easier for you. I'm at the top of the pedestal and I have only one way to go. You're at the bottom, so you can only really go up'." Sarah also said life with the royals was made harder because she did not fit into the "brand". While Diana was portrayed as the People's Princess, she was cast as the wayward one. And she took the critical headlines to heart. "I just believed they were true," she said. "I was so unhappy I ate all the time and then I was pilloried for being overweight." Fergie, who has dated a string of men since her divorce from Prince Andrew in 1996, also said her love life was "diabolical". And she told the Sunday Telegraph's Stella magazine if she could do it all again she would handle it differently. She said: "You stick your head above the parapet and they shoot you down. Then again, I'm the only woman who's not been beheaded for leaving the Royal Family."

Princess Diana a "loose cannon" (for wanting landmines banned; opposed by US/USSR/China). On-This-Day, BBC, Jan 15, 1997-2006

VISITING PRINCESS'S PLACES (....The building across the courtyard has been turned into a museum. I was amazed to see her weddding dress on display there because I had assumed it was in the British Museum or some other historical location. So too was I shocked to see her landmine outfit on display because wearing that had actually gotten her labelled as a "loose cannon" by Whitehall which is a pretty shocking allegation and no doubt it frightened her.)

CIA bugged Princess Di's phone ("her voice may have been picked up while others were targeted"). MSNBC, Dec 11, 2006



Excerpt from latest Diana book ('The Way We Were' by Paul Burrell). ABC News, Oct 2, 2006

Reader says Diana manipulated the press and lost princess status when she divorced the prince

Diana touches hearts, 9 years on ("there needs to be a statue or something for 'England's Rose, Queen of Hearts'") & Princess Diana dies in Paris car crash. CNN/BBC, Aug 31, 1997 - 2006

Harry wins the first of many battles ("it was nice to see the boy so easy in his skin"). Telegraph, Sep 17, 2005


At 21 Prince Harry stands at ease. Washington Post, Sep 15, 2005
...Prince Harry, in interviews earlier this week, said he expected to be spending his birthday in a trench. Currently enrolled at Sandhurst, the prestigious British Army officer training center in Surrey, he said he had no champagne birthday bash planned, despite his reputation as the "party prince." Rather, he said, he would be doing military exercises with the other lads. Red-haired Harry, third in line to the throne, said he could "easily see" himself spending 35 to 40 years in the army: "I do enjoy running down a ditch full of mud, firing bullets. It's the way I am. I love it." Harry, using more colloquial language than is usually heard from the royal family, said he had no intention of being an army officer if he couldn't be deployed to active service. "I hope I would not drag my sorry arse through Sandhurst . . . I would not have joined if they had said I could not be in the front line. The last thing I would want to do is for my soldiers to be sent away to Iraq and have me held back at home twiddling my thumbs, thinking what about David, what about Derek or whatever..."

Charles doesn't regret admitting adultery (but says the world is run by some very nasty, powerful people). Telegraph, Sep 3, 2005

DIANA'S MOTHER'S LETTER (reader says the letter is entitled "I Thank God for the Gift of Diana")

Reader is trying to find the essay or letter Diana's Mother wrote shortly after her death

UK set for Diana - the ballet (portrays royals as 'open-mouthed fools') & Diana ballet dances to princess's tune (by choreographer of Di's dancing lessons). News24/Telegraph, Mar 8, 2005. Go to WORDS TO UPTOWN GIRL (Diana danced for Charles' birthday)

Diana's Memorial Fountain floods (blocked up day after opening). Scotsman, Jul 7, 2004

Queen unveils Diana Fountain ('she had shrewd ability to size up all those she met' & 'memories mellow with passing of years' & 'challenge was to capture her spirit'). BBC, Jul 6, 2004. Go to VISITING DIANA'S PLACES

Prince Charles & sons wearing Jewish bracelets (string on wrist like Kabbalah cult). Glasgow Mail, Jun 27, 2004. Go to 10.Rulers & 35.Brotherhood & JEWISH KABBALAH HAS BECKHAM

Mixed reviews for Royal butler's stage show., Jun 25, 2003
Paul Burrell, a longtime royal servant whom Diana called "my rock", took his memories of the princess onstage on Thursday in a show based on his book, A Royal Duty. He said Diana was a lonely woman "who never fit in the royal world". "The woman you know of as a princess I knew behind closed doors," Burrell told a sparse crowd of about 100 people at Town Hall Theatre near Times Square. The show ran earlier this week at London's Theatre Royal Drury Lane..."All I want to do is pay tribute to her memory," he said..."He was elegant," Sinclair said. "I was impressed and very moved at the same time."

Princess Diana's mother dies. Daily Mirror, Jun 3, 2004

Diana's mother dies peacefully. BBC, Jun 3, 2004
Mrs Shand Kydd was last seen in public in 2002, when she spoke at the Old Bailey trial of royal butler Paul Burrell, before it collapsed..."She was a very kind and caring person who loved her daughter, the Princess of Wales, very much."

Diane: The Secret Tapes (recorded for 'My True Story' & played on NBC American TV). Daily Mirror, Mar 6, 2004


Burrell: William & Harry have nothing to fear from me. Scotsman, Oct 27, 2003
A Royal Duty is 'a tribute to Diana'...'My name has been trashed, my family has been put through hell and I have been to the brink of suicide'... 'At the end of that, I think it is important that I have a say - I am a human being too and I need to put the record straight'... 'I have not gone into areas which other people have talked about - into bedrooms, into private, intimate relationships.' He said in an earlier comment that one phone call from the Royal Family would have been enough to stop him writing the book. 'I expected a little something,' he said. 'I was waiting - all through my trial being dragged to hell and back - I was waiting just for one lifeline, just for something from any member of the Royal Family.'... He said he wanted to talk to the Princes to justify his book and tell them about parts of their mother's life they had not witnessed... In a BBC1 interview he said that the Princes were being used as 'emotional cannons' by the 'grey men in suits' at the palace...

'They Will Try to Kill Me' (wrote Diana in letter to butler). Daily Mirror, Oct 20, 2003


Man arrested at Windsor Castle (gatecrashes Prince William's party & grabs microphone from hand). CanoeNews, Jun 22, 2003

Diana Tape: Charles/Fawcett too close (Duke put her down unbelievably). Daily Mirror, Mar 17, 2003

Butler's shop hit by arson (100 threatening phone calls). Daily Mirror, Dec 2, 2002

Paul Burrell Tells True Story. Daily Mirror, Dec 2002

Another friend defends butler (and says Di was spied on). Daily Mirror, Nov 16, 2002. Go to 20.Thought Police

DIANA FEARED BEING WATCHED (and Diana WAS being watched)

Butler sons thank princes (best friends growing up) London Mirror, Nov 15, 2002

Diana's princes support butler (approve of him "defending name") London Mirror, Nov 14, 2002

Palace stops Fergie talking (says she's "loose cannon"). London Telegraph, Nov 14, 2002

News dogs viciously attack butler (assassinating character to stop truth). Daily Mirror, Nov 11, 2002. Go to 16.Ministry of Truth (Lies)

Diana's friend defends butler (Diana regarded Paul as her family). Drudge Report, Nov 8, 2002



"There are powers at work in this country about which we have no knowledge" ~ the Queen of England. London Mirror, Nov 6, 2002

"There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy" (Hamlet explaining that all is not as it appears in the death of his father, the King.)

Queen's timing spurs skeptics (withheld evidence - obstructed justice). National Post, Nov 4, 2002

Princess' "rock" to tell story (about being falsley accused). London Mirror, Nov 4, 2002

Princess Diana's betrayals (coming out in court)., Oct 24, 2002

Diana's lover's ring missing (Police didn't find it and butler denies having it). Toronto Star, Oct 22, 2002
A box is missing that contained the ring of the calvary officer who betrayed her trust by writing a book; letters from her brother who betrayed her by refusing to rent her a country home on Althorp; a letter of resignation from her private secretary, Patrick Jephson; cassette tapes from a former employee and letters from her former father-in-law.

Diana's butler denies theft charges (found her 'alone & lost' at Balmoral). Globe & Mail, Oct 15, 2002
List of stolen items includes handags, hats, photographs, letters... Paul Burrell, longtime butler for Diana, was a truck driver's son who Diana called her "rock" for his unstinting service during the breakup of her marriage to Charles ... now runs a flower shop in Cheshire, looked almost tearful as he entered court yesterday, accompanied by his wife Maria, a former royal maid. They have two teenaged sons. The jury trial, which is expected to last six weeks, is already proving a mother lode to Britain's tabloids and gossip magazines, which are hoping for plenty of revelations of royal shenanigans... Mr Burrell worked for the Royal Family for 21 years, starting as a trainee footman. He first met Diana at Balmoral, the Queen's Scottish castle, in 1980 before her marriage to Charles. "I found her wandering down a dark corridor, lost," he said in a 1999 interview. "She asked if I could stay and have a chat because it was 'awfully lonely in here,' and our friendship began." It was Mr Burrell who travelled to Paris after Diana's death to retrieve her belongings... For a time, he acted as public-events manager for the memorial fund set up in honour of Diana, but he left in 1999 after sparring with trustees.

DIANA BETRAYED BY SO MANY (mother regrets not seeing her body). Electronic Telegraph, Aug 31, 2002

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