According to one of her closest friends, Princess Diana "feared she was being watched". When the friend rang her up she would take the call on a different phone. "She always knew she was being watched and overheard... even spied upon."

This reinforces earlier comments made by other friends, and people who worked for her, including the butler, Paul Burrell, and her private secretary, Patrick Jephson.

Actually, it came out shortly after her life was taken that she HAD been "spied upon" by the CIA, among others.*

With all the news coming out these days about citizens of the free world being increasingly placed under surveillance by their governments, private corporations and even their friends, relatives and neighbours, it's sobering to realize this is already being done to the so-called "privileged" classes. Afterall, we learned recently that they were also monitoring Prince Charles, and the young princes as well. Remember the tapes of Charles' calls to Camilla? And at his private school William was monitored "to keep him safe".

What a horrific world we're about to enter. One of the most disturbing aspects of "1984" for me was the pervasive All-Seeing-Eye of Big Brother - World Government. To Orwell, as well, this was one of the worst features of life in Oceania. His main character, Winston Smith, did everything in his limited power to remain private, cherishing his own mind as the only "safe" place to hide. ~ Jackie Jura

GoodnightSweetPrincess DianaCrashSymbols CrashNoAccident CrashAssassinMI5 Princess Diana car crash happened 15 years ago, Digital Journal, Aug 31, 2012

Conspiracy theories about Diana's death survive, August 31, 1997-2012. Go to WHAT IS A CONSPIRACY THEORY?

CIA bugged Princess Di's phone, MSNBC, Dec 11, 2006
The Central Intelligence Agency was bugging the telephone conversations of Britain’s Princess Diana on the night she died, a British newspaper reported Monday. But current and former U.S. officials told NBC News that intelligence agencies never targeted the late Princess of Wales. The Observer newspaper, citing the findings of a British inquiry into Diana's death to be released later this week, said the CIA was listening in on the princess in the hours before she died in a car crash in Paris. The 36-year-old princess, her friend Dodi Fayed, 42, and driver Henri Paul died when their Mercedes crashed inside the Pont d’Alma tunnel Aug. 31, 1997, while being followed by media photographers. The British Broadcasting Corp. reported over the weekend that Paul had three times the French legal limit of alcohol in his blood. The Observer reported that the CIA did not have British intelligence's permission to tap Diana's phone.

However, a Homeland Security official told NBC News it is untrue that the Secret Service ever gathered intelligence information on Diana. “The Secret Service had nothing to do with it,” the official said. Separately, a former senior U.S. intelligence official said Diana was never targeted for intelligence gathering in any way. But, the former official said, her voice may have been picked up while others were targeted. Even so, he said that as far as he knows, there were no intercepts of her in Paris the night she died, contrary to British reports. He also confirmed that there were, indeed, many references to her in the National Security Agency database, some of them innocuous, including references by targets overseas to romantic liaisons with people who the targets thought looked like Diana. “So if you did a search on her, references like that would show up,” he said. And he explained that if U.S. officials had learned of any threats to the British royal family, they, too, would have been recorded in the database. The fact that U.S. intelligence agency files contained references to her has long been known. As far back as 1998, the National Security Agency said in response to a Freedom of Information Act request that it had a Diana file amounting to 1,056 pages. At the time, NSA officials were quoted as saying the references to her were incidental and that she was never a target.

An official British report into the crash, to be published Thursday, is expected to find Diana's death was an accident, the Observer reported. The report, by former Metropolitan Police chief John Stevens, also will confirm claims that Paul was drunk and in the pay of the French intelligence services, the Observer said. Conspiracy theorists have claimed Paul was not drinking that night, contending the blood samples were swapped with blood from someone else who was drunk. A former judge presiding over the British inquest into Diana’s death said this past week that preliminary hearings would be held in public and not in private, as had been planned, after a protest from Fayed’s father, Mohammed, who owns Harrods department store. The inquest, convened and then swiftly adjourned in 2004, is due to formally resume next year. Preliminary hearings will be held Jan. 8 and 9 at the Royal Courts of Justice.

'You are being spied on' (warned royal friend to Diana). Daily Mirror, Oct 20, 2003

Secret spy agency documents will form key evidence in the inquest of Princess Diana's death later this year (NSA, MI6, CIA and Mossad were closely involved in monitoring Diana). Rense.com, Jul 31, 2002

* USA Spy Agency Confirms Secret Princess Diana Papers (NSA refuses to release "top secret" documents). NY APB News, Nov 30, 1998
...The files include 1,056 pages held by the National Security Agency (NSA), Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), State Department, Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) and perhaps other government organizations. Their existence was revealed in response to a request from AFB News under the Freedom of Information Act...USA intelligence agencies may have been collecting information about Diana in order to protect her from terrorists, said John Pike, an expert on USA intelligence agencies at the Freedom of American Scientists, a Washington, DC, think tank. "Basically, they [the NSA] monitor everything outside the United States", Pike said.

Perhaps the most intriquing records are those held by the NSA, which uses sophisticated listening devices and computers to intercept telephne calls, faxes, e-mail and other messages. The agency, according to Pike, is "insatiably curious" and "monitors everyone of significance" outside the USA. In a letter to APB News, the NSA admits to having "39 NSA-originated and NSA-controlled documents," a total of 124 pages of Top Secret documents involving Princess Diana.

...According to an NSA freedom of information officer, the CIA also has at least two classified documents involving the Princess. A spokeswoman for the CIA declined comment on the records.

In addition, the Defense Intelligence Agency -- the Pentagon's CIA -- has "information" and "product" mentioning Princess Di... When asked why the DIA would have a classified document mentioning Diana, Lt Col James MacNEil, a spokesman at the agency, said he had "no idea why. All of our stuff is on military. Obviously she wasn't in the military."

However, Diana was active in the movement to ban land mines. The Pentagon, while supporting a reduction in the weapons, has strongly fought a total ban. Pike, the intelligence expert, said it was possible the USA government was interested in Diana's campaign against land mines.

...According to press reports, the NSA operates a global spy system codenamed ECHELON, which coordinates intelligence gathering by spy agencies in Canada, New Zealand, Australia and Great Britain. Under the program, the agencies share intelligence-gathering duties and some of the intercepted information. In general, each country limits spying on its own citizens. However, a former Canadian Intelligence official has claimed the British government once got around the rules by using Canada's Communications Security Establishment (CSE) to collect intelligence on British citizens.
by Tami Sheheri and Mark Sautler

* CIA kept top-secret files on Di (1,000-page dossier on her sex life, her Arab friends, billionaire contacts and mystery of her death). STAR tabloid, Dec 22, 1998
...Much of the material in the secret Diana dossier came from eavesdropping on private telephone conversations between her and her most trusted girlfriend -- Lucia Flecha de Lima, wife of the Brazilian ambassador in Washington... which were then turned over to the British intelligence community... "No matter where Diana was calling from -- anywhere in the world -- the calls would be picked up and they would be monitored" an intelligence source confirms to STAR... Other USA agencies beside the CIA also tracked Di's every movement and conversation whenever she went abroad -- especially in the years after her marriage to Prince Charles collapsed. The existence of the huge USA intelligence dossier on Di came to light after a Freedom of Information request was filed by APB -- a new Web site staffed by two dozen independent journalists who deal in unclassified documents... One intelligence insider told STAR there had been a series of top-level communications between MI6, the secret British intelligence agency, and the CIA in the weeks before Di and Dodi died.

There were also extensive files on Di's love affair with Dr Khan -- who broke her heart by ending their relationship because of the pressure on their romance from Buckingham Palace and other enemies of the princess.

But it wasn't just Di's romances that the agencies kept watch on -- virtually every aspect of the troubled princess' life was monitored. Even conversations about Di's plans for her two sons, Princes William and Harry, were monitored by American spy agencies -- and then reported straight back to authorities in London. "The British and USA intelligence agencies are joined at the hip," says the source. "They share just about everything. Anything of interest would go on file and be shared."...

Another friend defends butler (and says Di was spied on). Daily Mirror, Nov 16, 2002. Go to 20.Thought Police


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