To Orwell Today,


I'm an English Student at the university of Leiden, Holland. I'm currently writing my thesis on "1984". My thesis statement is that the book has been misinterpreted and abused by politicians (such as Senator McCarthy, possibly?) in the past, claiming the book was against communism, while that was only half the truth and that, in fact, the book's message remains very valid to this day and tomorrow.

My question is whether you could provide me with some names of people who involved themselves with these practices of hi-jacking the book for their own purposes and possibly in what way they did so? I don't want you to go through too much trouble, but if you could spare a few minutes I'd be most grateful.

Thank you very much,
Ray Lindeman

Greetings Ray,

Yesterday I wrote an essay that will answer some of your questions regarding the hi-jacking of 1984 by both sides of the political spectrum. See LEFT, RIGHT AND SOCIALISM.

And today, in response to your questions, I've created a new essay entitled ORWELL ANTI-LEFT & RIGHT.

All the best,
Jackie Jura

Jackie Jura
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