Dear Orwell,

Still looking for that original version of the movie 1984 with Edmund O'Brien... any word on where it can be found?

Lola Rodriguez

Greetings Lola,

When a previous reader recently asked the same question I mistakenly thought he was talking about the 50's version of ANIMAL FARM which IS available on the internet. I don't know if the 50's version of "1984" is available as no one has written to say they've found it. Sorry for that confusion.

All the best,
Jackie Jura

To Orwell Today,

I understand a 1984 film made in 1956 is available via "Movies Unlimited" website at I hope this helps.

Raymond Wills

Fred says thanks for finding the 1956 version of 1984 & kudos for the website

Jackie Jura
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