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Surprised to learn that the 1984 dvd is both rare to purchase and even more difficult to rent...there must be a huge market for the film...why is the film not being produced and sold?


Greetings Cliff,

You don't specify which version of "1984" you are referring to but I assume you mean the version that came out in 1956, because the version that came out in 1984 is available everywhere, and is often shown on TV. It's a horrible movie, a total turn-off, as you can read in my review. See 1984 MOVIE 1984 IS BAD

I'm very glad, however, that you enquired about the original "1984" movie because it seems that it IS available for purchase, as a reader wrote a long time ago, but which for some reason I filed away before ordering a copy. Now, with you bringing the movie to my attention again, I went and tracked it down at "Movies Unlimited" and have now ordered a DVD copy of the 1956 version of "1984".

Here's the description:

1984 (1956): George Orwell's landmark novel is the basis of this eerie, darkly satiric tale whose futuristic world is divided into three sections following an atomic war. London, capital of the Oceania sector, is where Edmond O'Brien is a clerk for "Big Brother," the totalitarian government that keeps a close watch with all of its subjects. When O'Brien carries on a forbidden love affair with Jan Sterling, officials try to brainwash the couple into abandoning their free will.

With Donald Pleasence, Michael Redgrave; directed by Michael Anderson ("Around the World in 80 Days"). 91 min.

I very much look forward to receiving it (as a Christmas present to myself) and will put it under the tree for Christmas Day.

All the best,
Jackie Jura

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