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"Big Brother is watching! In a totalitarian society of the not-too-distant future,
protagonist Winston Smith commits the punishable crime of falling in love.
The lovers are pursued relentlessly by the minions of 'Big Brother',
the omnipotent and omnipresent leader who will stop at nothing
to root out all subversive activities and thoughts."

To Orwell Today,

Where can I locate the 1984 movie to rent or buy? I live in Long Island.


Greetings Betty,

Gee, short and to the point - no "hi", "bye" or "thank you ma'am".

If it's the 1984 version of "1984" you want - the one with John Hurt and Richard Burton - then just go into any video store and rent it there. See 1984 MOVIE 1984 IS BAD

But if it's the 1956 version you want - the one starring Edmond O'Brien and Michael Redgrave - you can order it at MOVIES UNLIMITED.

Previous readers wrote in and told me where to find it, and I ordered a copy last year which I've scanned above.

This 1956 version is much better than the 1984 version and one day I'll write a review.

All the best,
Jackie Jura, October 2007

watch 1984 MOVIE 1956 VERSION listen
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& 30.Love Instinct/Family & 31.Love Nest
& 34.Ministry of Love (Torture) & 44.Room 101
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watch 1984 MOVIE 1956 VERSION, YouTube (...This is the first cinema rendition of the story starring Edmond O'Brien as protagonist Winston Smith, and featuring Donald Pleasence, Jan Sterling, and Michael Redgrave...)

watch 1954 BBC TV Movie 1984, YouTube (...Live TV version starring Peter Cushing as Winston...)


AtHomeCvr2 BookAtHomeCvr GEORGE ORWELL AT HOME, published 1998 (...His own radio version of Animal Farm was broadcast on the BBC Third Programme in January and Febnruary 1947, and in 1955 a cartoon film version was made by Joy Batchelor and John Halas, who had produced an illustrated edition of the book in 1954. Nigel Kneale's BBC television version of Nineteen Eighty-Four had an enormous public impact when it was broadcast in December 1954... Michael Anderson's and Michael Radford's films of Nineteen Eight-Four in 1955 and 1984 respectively were worthy but weaker successors...)

Yusuf says he's been influenced heavily by the book 1984 ("I read it in high school, didn't understand it but as I got older and having images of the movie imprinted in my mind I keep turning back to it....")

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CRYSTAL SPIRIT ORWELL BBC FILM (...Until you mentioned it I don't recall even knowing of its existence. I did a quick search trying to track it down -- I'd definitely love to see it. It was a BBC made-for-TV production and aired in 1985...)

David Niven Orwell Official 1949 RADIO PLAY OF 1984 (David sends link to David Niven 1984 production). Go to 1949 DAVID NIVEN AS 1984 WINSTON SMITH
... With the radio broadcast being August 1949, that is actually only two months after the book was published in June 1949. By that time Orwell (lying flat on his back in hospital, dying of TB) had barely finished battling with the Book-of-the-Month Club in the United States who wanted to publish "1984" without the Newspeak appendix and the Goldstein essay. But Orwell refused, even though it meant the loss of thousands upon thousands of dollars in guaranteed sales. In the end Book-of-the-Month relented and Orwell took some satisfaction in having stuck to his principals and come out the winner afterall....

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ORWELL'S VOICE & BLUE EYES (John says "I have never been able to find it, but there was an earlier movie version of "1984" that came out in the 1950's. Do you consider this version any better than the Burton/Hurt travesty? Also, do you know where it can be found? And concerning "1984" in the classroom, what is your opinion of the Cliff Notes study guide?...)

Cliff is Surprised to learn that the 1984 dvd is both rare to purchase and even more difficult to rent

Fred remembers seeing the 1956 film as a youngster on television and it was more compelling than the more recent version with Richard Burton et al

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Fred seeks a copy of the "1984" film made in the early/late '50s with Edmund O'Brien as Winston

16.Ministry of Truth (Lies) and 23.Prolefeed

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