84 Movie 56 84 Movie 56

1956 MOVIE OF "1984" GOOD

"Big Brother is watching! In a totalitarian society of the not-too-distant future,
protagonist Winston Smith commits the punishable crime of falling in love.
The lovers are pursued relentlessly by the minions of 'Big Brother',
the omnipotent and omnipresent leader who will stop at nothing
to root out all subversive activities and thoughts."

To Orwell Today,

Where can I locate the 1984 movie to rent or buy? I live in Long Island.


Greetings Betty,

Gee, short and to the point - no "hi", "bye" or "thank you ma'am".

If it's the 1984 version of "1984" you want - the one with John Hurt and Richard Burton - then just go into any video store and rent it there. See 1984 A BAD MOVIE.

But if it's the 1956 version you want - the one starring Edmond O'Brien and Michael Redgrave - you can order it at MOVIES UNLIMITED.

Previous readers wrote in and told me where to find it, and I ordered a copy last year which I've scanned above.

This 1956 version is much better than the 1984 version and one day I'll write a review.

All the best,
Jackie Jura

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