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The address of the New York building that was hit by an airplane last week is The Bellaire, 524 72nd Street.

Fear takes flight. New York Press, Oct 11, 2006
...On Oct. 11, a small plane crashed into the 50-floor Belaire Condominiums apartment building at 524 E. 72nd St. on the Upper East Side. Video shots of the scene showed a smoking, flaming hole in the side of the red-brick building and helicopters circling the building’s top. Newscasters reported that the crash was not linked to terrorism...

The numbers 5, 2 and 4 add up to "11".

The numbers 7 and 2 add up to "9".

Put them together and you have "11-9"

Reverse them and you have "9-11".

I wonder if this is just another crazy number coincidence, or is it some inside joke the perpetrators are laughing about.

- John

Greetings John,

Thanks for sending along that interesting factoid showing how the address of the latest building hit by an airplane has a 9/11 in it. I'll add it to my 9/11 HI-JACKS OR HI-JINKS section.

It probably is one of their inside jokes, thinly disguised.

Another thing about the address is it's in the city of New York whose letters add up to 666, when using the graph described in the article NEW YORK'S NUMBER'S 666.

I notice as well that 72nd is the same street as the Dakota building is on, which is where John Lennon lived and was shot in another New York dastardly deed.

The Dakota and Rosemary's Baby trivia (The Dakota building was site for 1968 film)

John Lennon would have turned 66 on Monday October 9th. And the news of his alleged assassin's parole verdict was announced on Wednesday, October 11th, the same day as the airplane crashed into the 72nd Street building.

John Lennon fans celebrate his 66th birthday. Fox News, Oct 9, 2006
The fans, some of whom weren't born when Lennon was killed in 1980, gathered in Central Park on Monday to celebrate. They placed flowers and candles in the Strawberry Fields section of the park and sang his songs. Lennon was shot on Dec. 8, 1980, in front of his apartment at the Dakota building, across the street from where the fans remembered him Monday.

Lennon assassin to stay in jail. InTheNews, Oct 11, 2006
Mark David Chapman, 51, had already been turned down for parole on three occasions before yesterday's decision by a three-member panel at the Attica correctional facility. Lennon was shot five times in the incident and was declared dead later that evening after being rushed to hospital, prompting a mass outpouring of grief from his many fans... Lennon would have turned 66 on Monday.


There's a map of the 72nd Street area (including Central Park) in the following BBC coverage. Notice how, just as in the case of WTC 9/11, the pilot's passport is found in the debris below:

Aircraft hits New York building. BBC, Oct 12, 2006
Two people have died after the small aircraft they were flying in crashed into a high-rise apartment block in New York City's affluent Upper East Side. The two killed were New York Yankees baseball pitcher Cory Lidle and his flying instructor, officials from the baseball club said...The plane's impact caused a fireball, which set two floors of the 50-storey building on Manhattan island ablaze...The plane was owned by Lidle, whose passport was found at the scene of the crash, police officials said....The impact of the plane caused a loud noise and sent burning debris plummeting down onto the street below...

In the article below there's a photo of the 524-72nd Street building:

Plane hits New York building. ITV UK News, Oct 12, 2006
...Emergency services said the building and those next to it had been evacuated and at least seven people had been injured, including two firefighters...Burning debris fell on the streets below as firefighters shot streams of water at the flames from lower floors. A Fire Department spokesperson said the aircraft struck the 20th floor. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) said it was too early to determine what type of aircraft was involved, or what might have caused the crash. The crash occurred at East 72nd Street and York Avenue, near the East River. The images of fire and smoke pouring out of the windows of a high rise building evoked images of the hijack plane attacks of September 11, 2001...

Did you notice that in all of the coverage it was never once commented upon by the talking-heads or the firemen or anyone else how strange it is that this smaller building (50 floors) managed to stay standing whereas the much bigger WTC buildings (110 floors) imploded into white dust when they were hit by an airplane of comparatively similar size?

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