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Hey Jackie,

As of late I have been listening to a lot of American alternative media talk radio programs on the internet. And to my surprise, (maybe not to yours) I was unaware that there is a large contention of people who believe that "9/11" was an inside job, perpetrated by the U.S. government. Now always being one who enjoys a good conspiracy theory, I watched, listened and read what some of these people had to say. In reality I seriously thought there couldn't be anything to any of it. I mean we all know what we saw that day with our own eyes right?

I would like to report back to all of you that out of all of the material I viewed in the past few weeks most of it has been terribly unconvincing, or that the people coming up with this stuff were "crackpots" and or complete lunatics. Surprisingly though that has not been the case. And I have exposed myself to some theories by some very intelligent and articulate people, most of whom hold some very prominent positions in education, or are involved heavily in and around world politics today, and found many of them subscribe to this theory of not only the U.S. having prior knowledge to the attacks, but in some cases being deeply involved in them.

I think this really only sparked my interest in the first place because it is something that seems so inconceivable, that it is intriguing.

The main points these people make are that although the buildings were indeed hit by planes, it was explosives placed within the building's framework that brought down the buildings themselves. (If this indeed was the fact then there must be a conspiracy.)

Since I realise that all of our attention spans are quite short these days I will only mention a few of the more interesting points some of these "crazy" people drew to my attention.

#NOTE (The World Trade Center was NOT the name of the Two large buildings that were hit, but is the entire area. I believe there were 7 main buildings in all, with the "Twin Towers" only being number #1 and #2 of the buildings.)


1) There are hundreds of documented reports of people who say that they received phone calls and emails telling them not to fly, go into upper Manhattan, or to go to work on the morning of September 11 days prior to the attacks. (I doubt "Al Kaeda" would have wanted to give anyone a "heads up" that day. You'd think that in their minds, "The more dead, the better.")

2) On the morning of September 11th 2001 the CIA were running terrorist attack "exercises" with the scenario of terrorists flying highjacked planes into the WTC, the White House, and the Pentagon.

"NORAD" (The North American Aerospace Defence Command), the folks in charge of securing North America's airspace and the people who hold the power to scramble Air force fighter jets to shoot down any potential terrorist planes, were told that morning to "Stand down" because of those drills. (BTW the person in charge of NORAD that particular morning.........Was Dick Cheney the Vice President of the United States.)

I think you might be able to calculate the odds of that happening by coincidence.

3) Temperatures from the burning Jet fuel in the buildings (although most of it exploded outside of the building in a fireball) at its peak would have reached around 2000 degrees. The metal in the 4-foot steel girders of the buildings themselves would have only started to melt around 3000 degrees. And it should be pointed out that some of the firemen were quoted as saying that the fires were, "almost out". And that there were some people actually standing in the planes' impact holes waiting to be rescued. This obviously would have been impossible to do if the temperatures were at the levels reported. (People were reported jumping from the buildings only during the first 20 minutes.)

4) In the last 50 years over 100 skyscrapers have caught fire, and some have burned for many hours, and in some cases even for several days. And none, (Zero) have ever collapsed from fire. It can be pointed out that indeed airplanes also hit both of them. But it should also be pointed out that each building was originally designed to withstand the impact of not one, but 2 jet airliners. And both were architecturally "overbuilt" for this reason.

5) Larry Silverstein, the owner of just 1 of the 7 buildings in the WTC, bought all 7 of them just two months prior to the attacks, and had them insured for a whopping 3 Billion dollars. And has since been paid out in full.

6) Building 7, that had such tenants in it as the FBI, the CIA, FEMA and the secret service, although it had no debris fall onto it, and was a block away, suspiciously also caught fire that day. When the owner Larry Silverstein was told that building 7 was on fire, he is quoted on film saying, "Pull it." As in "bring it down", or demolish it. It should be noted that it takes weeks in advance to set up explosives to strategically level ANY building. Yet on September 11 of all days, this somewhat structurally undamaged building easily imploded, and collapsed on his command. Becoming only the 3rd building in history to ever collapse from a fire. (The first two being the twin towers.)

7) George Bush's younger brother Marvin Bush ran security in all of the buildings at the World Trade Center complex. His 2 year contract was due to expire on September 11 2001.

8) The mayor of New York Rudy Giuliani had all of the debris from the towers shipped out of the country just weeks after 9/11, making any testing of the collapsed buildings materials impossible. Giuliani, a former U.S. prosecutor should have know better than to get rid of any evidence in what was most certainly a crime scene. Or maybe this was the reason behind his actions.

9) There are many reporters, eyewitnesses and firemen who have stated on that day that they heard secondary explosions go off inside the buildings before each of the towers collapsed.

10) Many eyewitnesses report that the second plane that hit the towers looked like it had no windows, and DID NOT look like a commercial aircraft.

These are only a handful of some of the facts about that terrible day that I personally never knew about. Only because the mainstream news we are all spoon-fed would never ever even think of touching anything this controversial.

Now do I believe these theories?

All I can say for sure is they have really made me think. (Which is not a bad thing for any of us to do.)

I believe ego and greed are at the roots of all our worldly problems. And I know the American Corporate-run big money media have told us so many lies in the past about wars, assassinations, drugs and countless other things,

That I'm really surprised anyone believes anything anymore.

But I hope you believe me when I tell you.....

I hope this finds you well.

"Keep on keeping on",

Greetings Dave,

Thanks for the interesting summary of your 9-11 learnings. For my response go to THE MAGIC AIRPLANES THEORY

Keeping on keeping on,
Jackie Jura


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