To Orwell Today,

I enjoyed your site. However I cannot understand how you can be so judgmental re abortion. You are pro life and this is your right. I am pro choice and I feel my granddaughters (am 75 years old) do not need a big brother to dictate what they can do with their body.

Maureen Larson

Greetings Maureen,

The fact that you are 75 years old indicates that you were conceived before abortion started being used as a method of birth control, ie 1969 in Canada and 1971 in the United States.

Who knows, if abortion had been the thing to do in your day, you might have been deemed "unwanted" and wouldn't be here to castigate me for opposing it.

If abortion HAD been available in your day, wouldn't you have wanted someone speaking in your unborn defense before the final decision was made?

And wouldn't you want someone explaining the risks and ramifications of abortion to your grandaughters, preferably before they were ever in the unhappy position of wanting one?

All the best,
Jackie Jura

To Orwell Today,

If abortion had been available in my day, I would not have wanted any one to speak, as you put it, in my unborn defense. I would have considered it my decision alone. By the way, abortion was always available to people in my parents income bracket. Switzerland was the place to go.

As for my daughters (2) and granddaughters (6) they also have been raised to make their own mind without interference of well meaning people.

Maureen L.

Dear Maureen,

Breast cancer and secondary infertility (meaning the inability to get pregnant again) are serious side-effects of abortion that are withheld from the general public. I believe women should be told of these risks BEFORE they get pregnant and also AFTER they get pregnant, should they be contemplating abortion. Then, if they choose to give consent to the doctor to perform the abortion, at least it's INFORMED consent. Afterall, it IS their body and they have a right to know what abortion can do to their body.

~ Jackie Jura

Jackie Jura
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