To Orwell Today,

Dear Jackie Jura


I am pleased to inform you that I have been reading about you and your interest in Rwanda. I followed about your visit to Rwanda and of your love for Rwanda. Then I went to your website, and read a little new stuff, and was astonished about your enthousiasm, but mostly for the fact that you were one of the few Westerners who really cared about Rwandans in a special and honest way. I was wondering if you would be interested in joining my organization.

Please read about my organization on this link: INTERNATIONAL AFRICAN CHILD RELIEF AND PEACE FOUNDATION OF CANADA and think about joining us. We would be honored to have someone like you to join our organization and help with your knowledge and enthousiasm. We need to be re-energized, reinspired by some one as positive and well informed as you.

Would you consider being a member of my organization and help us defend and promote the rights of Children in Africa, especially in Rwanda?

I look forward to hearing from you.

Muhoza Hakizimana
Executive Director

Greetings Muhoza,

Thank you very much for letting me know that you're enjoying my writings about Rwanda and thank you as well for inviting me to join your organization.

I'll be in contact with you in the future and we can talk about ways that I can help you help African children in Canada and Africa, although probably my biggest support is "enthusiasm".

All the best in your work,
Jackie Jura

Jackie Jura
~ an independent researcher monitoring local, national and international events ~