To Orwell Today
re: local Agenda 21


Tulelake, California (Hillary’s Village) is at the southern edge of the Klamath Basin. The Tulelake Partnership (situated in the same building as the organization formerly known as the USDA) has been doing Hell, sorry, meant to say well. Bill and Hillary’s UN Agenda 21 tool box was opened here about eight years ago, now the business district is pretty much vacant. The demand economy of the individual has been replaced by the command system of the collective. The town now runs on the flow of wasted tax payers money. This all took place while everyone was occupied by the red/green, green/red all out war of water and property rights.

Both my wife and I are involved in businesses which are agricultural dependent. The question is: can we hang on until W’s Opportunity Zone capitalistic system has a chance to supplant the Enterprise Zone Marxist system?

Keep up the excellent work!

Rudy Hiley

Greetings Rudy,

Yes, and Hillary and W are the same beast, just with different masks on!

This Agenda 21 program is something that probably 99% of the people know NOTHING about, and it's one of THE biggest threats (although the THE is a long list). Orwell called it ANIMALISM and Lenin called it GREEN REVOLUTION (as in green on the outside, red on the inside).

All the best,
Jackie Jura

Jackie Jura
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