To Orwell Today,

I will assume by your site that you are an Orwellian scholar. I've been looking for someone who can help me find quotes or analogies from George Orwell's work in order to equate them today to the corporate takeover.

I'm doing some research for a book about the avian flu hoax. Would it even exist without the help of the media? Can you help me or do you know someone who can? I have a friend who studied under Marshall McLuhan who also has some insights, but I'd like the help of an Orwellian scholar.

I'll look forward to hearing from you. I'm in Canada, by the way.

Kind regards,
Pam Killeen

Greetings Pam,

You can find quotes and analogies from Orwell's work by reading "1984" or some of the 45 themes into which I've divided the book. For starters, the following themes discuss corporate takeover and the use of the media in spreading hoaxes to keep the proles in a state of fear and to terrorize them into allowing Big Brother and his little brother organizations (like WHO - World Health Organization) to control every aspect of their lives through surveillance and the thought police:

9.Keeping Masses Down and 16.Ministry of Truth and 28.Reality Control

I've written a poem entitled BIRD BRAIN BIRD FLU which you might get a kick out of considering your opinion that the avian flu is a hoax.

Also I suggest you go to the ORDER OUT OF CHAOS section of my website and click on the DISEASE BY BIO/CHEM WARFARE section for examples of disease and disease-control being used as a weapon.

All the best,
Jackie Jura

PS - I am also in Canada, by the way.

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