A reader asks about Brave New World:

Can you please tell me how this book is rated among the Christian Books? Can this be read in our schools? Do parents have to sign to let their children read this book? Please respond ASAP as I was told this is a book which will be given to students soon. Thank you. Please respond to this email.

Leigh V

Orwell Today answers:

Greetings Leigh,

I don't know what Christians think of Brave New World but the schools have been assigning it as reading material for years. But I don't think many students read it or like it. I didn't read it when I was in school, but I made a point of reading it a few years ago because everyone's always talking about it. I found it to be repulsive - full of dirty old men eyeballing babies and treating women as receptacles. The thing that's most horrible about it is that it describes the kind of world creatures like Huxley have in mind for everyone. This is their idea of a good time.

I wouldn't worry too much about your child reading it. It's so boring a normal kid wouldn't bother. But I suggest you read it just in case, and then you can discuss it with your child. You could go to my Brave New World section and see some present-day events that are leading society in that direction.

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