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I'm writing a piece on Orwell for a London lifestyle title in connection with his time at Booklovers Corner and wondered if you might possess any high-resolution images either of Orwell and/or the shop please?

If you do and could please email them to me that would be much appreciated. Do let me know any credit you'd like given & I'll make sure it's included.

With many thanks.

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Greetings Amanda,

When I was in England in the summer of 2003 I went on a HOMAGE TO ORWELL and visited what was once "Booklovers' Corner" but which was then (and may still be) a Pizza restaurant. See BOOKLOVERS' CORNER.

The photo I took isn't that great (it's a bit dark) but you're welcome to use it. I don't have any high resolution photos of Orwell taken during that time (just grainy ones from biographies).

Booklovers' Corner

During the time Orwell lived and worked at "Booklovers' Corner" he was writing KEEP THE ASPIDISTRA FLYING which, if you haven't yet read it, I highly recommend that you do because it is very autobiographical, and actually describes the type of life he was living then (although not as poverty stricken as its hero - himself - Gordon Comstock). See ORWELL'S OTHER BOOKS

It was during this time - early 1935 - that Orwell met his future wife, Eileen, aspects of whom are also used in KEEP THE ASPIDISTRA FLYING.

After completing "Aspidistra" Orwell accepted the journalism assignment to go up north and write about the out-of-work Coal Miners. He spent approximatley two months up there, then moved to the little house in Wallington, Hertfordshire where he wrote THE ROAD TO WIGAN PIER and where he was living when KEEP THE ASPIDISTRA FLYING - the fruit of his "Booklovers' Corner" days - was published shortly after.

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