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To Orwell Today,

Hi there,

In the ad for the movie "Thank You For Smoking" I think I saw a video of President Bush saying, "when I say war, I mean peace...". That might not be the exact quote but it's pretty close. I was shocked. Blown away even.

I am working with Vertigo Theatre Factory on the play "Dear George" and would like to find that video clip. I've done a fair amount of googling and checked on Google video, and "Thank You for Smoking" web site, but no luck yet. If you have heard of this or have any ideas how I might get a clip of that video, please let me know.

Thanks a bunch, and keep up the good work on Orwell Today.

- Eric Donaldson
Rochester MN

Greetings Eric,

No, I haven't seen that ad or Bush clip but I checked out your play about sending letters to the President. I suggest people keep them short and include pictures to accommodate his extremely low attention span. Or maybe send a postcard, like the one above.

All the best,
Jackie Jura

Jackie Jura
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