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How can you denigrate a man who was trying to fight a war with his hands tied? Shame on you...what about those who left the scene of the crime? Attributing any kind of evil to the man is disgraceful, he cared, more so than the leaders of a number of countries. Mistakes can always be found, especially for those of us who sit in our armchairs and judge those who are out trying to do the job. If you dare to display this, as in any media frenzy, fingers are pointed usually to try and avert the eyes from those who failed.


Greetings Mary,

Firstly, I never attributed any kind of evil to Dallaire, nor has anyone else in any article on my website. Dallaire was not an evil man but the organization he was working for - the United Nations - is definitely evil. It perpetrates evil in the name of good all over the world on a daily basis. See Orwell's description of Big Brother which is what the United Nations wants to be.

Secondly, I assume you yourself are one of those "sitting in their armchair" judging those who are out trying to do their job. In your case you're denigrating me for having a dissenting view on the heroism of Romeo Dallaire. And by the way, I don't do my job, which is writing, from "an armchair". Nor do I do my learning sitting in an armchair watching televison, which, I suspect, is where you do. My website, Orwell Today, is the result of years of investment in time and money for no monetary reward, just personal reward for contributing some truth to the world. I sit in an office chair - not an armchair - to do this work.

If you want to make a hero out of a soldier who remained neutral in the face of genocide and didn't once use his weapon to stop others who were using weapons against unarmed civilians under his care then that's your prerogative. Dallaire's been made into a member of the elite by the United Nations and the Canadian government who were and are complicit in the genocide for having known about its planning and stood by during its implementation and to this day protect those involved in masterminding the killing.

If you've read (which I doubt) my lengthy article THE INFORMER & TEN BELGIANS you would learn exactly what Dallaire did and didn't do during the Rwandan genocide - in his own words. You'd learn that a Rwandan informer risked his life and that of his family to warn Dallaire about the Hutu government's plans to commit genocide against the Tutsis and he DID NOTHING with that information other than to pass it on and then, when told to inform on the informer, he did so. That is not heroism by any stretch of the imagination and yet this man is now a Canadian Senator and an advisor for the United Nations on Genocide.

In a critique of the upcoming movie SHAKE HANDS WITH THE DEVIL one reviewer said "if you want to cry instead of think" then this is the movie for you. Personally, I'm not into having my heart strings pulled by fake drama but prefer instead to give my brain cells a workout searching for the truth of the matter - and the man.

All the best,
Jackie Jura

PS - I notice in today's news that Dallaire is telling Canadian youth to go fight in Darfur, something he himself wasn't willing to do in Rwanda. A partner in his mission to get Canadian youth to enlist in war is a son of CANADA'S RED TRUDEAU. I suggest he join the army and be the first to go wherever he's told, fighting never-ending unknown terrorists with other United Nations' cannon-fodder. See UNCLE SAMUEL WANTS YOU!

Dallaire asks youth to enlist ("get off your butts"). CTV, Sep 14, 2006
OTTAWA Romeo Dallaire is calling young Canadians into the streets to promote international causes, especially Darfur. "We need to get Canadian youth off their butts and into the streets to take on some of these significant international causes . . . and to demonstrate their internationalism," Dallaire said Wednesday. He said he believe's today's young people are more committed to global causes than their parents and he wants them to demonstrate that commitment. The senator and retired general is promoting a Sunday rally in Toronto which he hopes will draw young people to activism on behalf of the beleaguered people of Darfur in Sudan. He says his hope is that youth can prod the populace and the government into spearheading an international effort to stabilize Darfur and end the fighting which has killed thousands of people. Justin Trudeau is to be the emcee of the Toronto rally, one of many scheduled around the world. Dallaire, who led the ill-fated United Nations mission during the Rwandan genocide, is also pushing for a major international force to go into Sudan and stabilize Darfur. He envisions a multi-national force of tens of thousands equipped with light armour and helicopters and with a mandate that would allow them to fight not only Sudanese rebels, but the Khartoum government, if necessary. He said he hopes Canada would be willing to provide money and up to 600 troops for that mission.

To Orwell Today,

Thanks so much, I appreciate the spot.


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