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I am currently working at an organization call Project IDEA. I have questions about Princess Diana:

1. What did her crown look like?
2. What was she like in real life?
3. How did she act out of the public eye?
4. Where did she die?

-Ellen C. Crowder

Greetings Ellen,

The above photos show Princess Diana in different poses wearing her crowns.

In real life she was loved by the so-called "common people" - especially women, children, the sick and the aged - because she was warm, caring and understanding of them and their problems. This was the effect she had on the people not only of England, but of people all over the world. That is why she is called "The Peoples' Princess".

Out of the public eye, according to biograpahies written by people who worked closely with her - including housekeepers, secretaries and butlers - she was a fun, loving and generous person to her children and friends, and to her husband - Prince Charles - until his ignoring of her and her persecution by the gutter press caused her emotional problems that she kept hidden from the public.

On August 31, 1997 she was in Paris when, we are told, she died in a car accident. But many people believe this isn't true, and that the accident was staged.

I hope that basic overview answers your basic questions. A search on the internet or in the library will give you extensive information on all your questions, from which you can arrive at your own conclusions about her.

Personally, I was fortunate enough to see Princess Diana during a walk-about when she and Prince Charles came to my Canadian town in the 80s, and also I have been to her ancestral home on her birthday. See VISITING PRINCESS'S PLACES

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