To Orwell Today,

Dear "Independent Researcher",

I see on your website that you want to do good, and I've read many articles which I appreciate your stance, but I must strongly oppose against your point of view on several drugs which are currently made illegal by politicians who gain financially from it both directly like indirectly, and whose policies damage society as a whole.

"In the meantime, people are shooting cocaine and heroin into their veins on the corner - with needles provided by the government."

I'm sure that you just forgot to think about what happens when clean syringes etc. are NOT provided which history teaches us. When clean injection material is not provided or even close to impossible to obtain, addicted drug users will be forced to use their syringes a second time and even more often which itself makes lack of hygiene and therefore spread of many avoidable diseases POSSIBLE.

What do you prefer, a "high" addict with no mortal disease or a "high" addict WITH? You can't take the "high" away, as, too, history tells us, no policy in the world will make a society drug free, or, if you think so, try this with alcohol, caffeine and nicotine, you will utterly fail. What you would do with criminalizing the (peaceful) users and traders of any drug is you force the drug prices up, make quality unpredictable accounting for overdoses being probable, and in turn drive disease and crime up. (crime because if you imagined a heavily addicted smoker who would have to pay 100-500$ for a 20 pack of his drug, if he is not extremely rich, which most smokers aren't, he will have to get the money from somewhere, and after all his ownings are gone he will have to resort to crime.)

If we would let the addicts have their drug of choice in a pharmaceutical form and as cheap as production is, crime rates will sink to less than 50%. Now wouldn't that be a good incentive for some people being high on a clean drug which you can't thwart anyway?

Any google search "war on drugs" will provide you with plenty of information. I'm interested what you think about it.

-Crypto Bitte

...for answer go to WAR BY DRUGS

Jackie Jura
~ an independent researcher monitoring local, national and international events ~