To Orwell Today,

Hello, Jackie--

Okay, I totally agree with your analogy. So what do we "riders" do? Replacing a few "caregivers" at a time is of little or no value. All the caregivers must be replaced in one fell swoop. How do we do that?

Talking about it and wagging our heads isn't getting anything done! Action must be taken and taken quickly against the treasonous politicians. What would you suggest?

Jay Gladwell, Florida

Greetings Jay,

Thank you for agreeing that America is like an elephant, and that we, its riders, have a role to play in protecting her against the treasonous caregivers.

We riders all have different roles to play. I'm one of the riders who turns around at the right moment to see a poacher in the act of firing a poison dart. I've now sounded the alarm to other riders on the slipping blanket, hoping they will come to the rescue.

My suggestion is that everyone turn around, point their fingers at the caregivers, rein in the elephant to a stop, dismount, imprison the caregivers, destroy the weapons of mass destruction, clean up the mess, appoint new caregivers, then get back on the rested and well fed elephant and ride off into the glorious sunrise of a new day.

All the best,
Jackie Jura

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