Physicians were now referring to patients as "IPBUs",
which stands for Income Producing Biological Units.


The hormone replacement drug "Premarin"
stands for PREgnant MARe urINe

To Orwell Today,

Hi. Thought you would be interested in something I discovered today.

I was sure surprised when I saw a huge sign in front of my fire department lately. It seemed to be almost "pleading" for people to come in to have their blood pressure and blood cholesterol checked, from 1 to 9 PM daily. Every fire department in the city was working the same hours, busily taking care of these blood tests.

It really puzzled me as to why they were so interested in our blood. Was this coming out of our city taxes?

I phoned them and finally found out that it was being sponsored by Pfizer Canada. Hmm, but what could Pfizer Canada possibly gain by all of this?

I find it very frightening when our emergency services are controlled by drug companies and our medical people cater to them.


Greetings Sherry,

Fire departments have morphed into para-military organizations that serve the Establishment and not the people. Pharmaceutical companies run the world these days and experiment on animals and people both legally and illegally. They literally suck our life blood. Beyond 1984 is Brave New World.

A really sad story I read the other day was about the plight of horses that were used as nothing but pregnant piss machines for years to make the drug Premarin which stands for PREgnant MARe urINe. Now that the truth's hit the fan about hormone replacement therapy, sales have fallen through the floor for Wyeth, the pharmaceutical who made it. So now the mares who spent their lives standing in stalls plugged into tubes connected to their bladder are no longer needed, and they're being sent to slaughter - along with their foals and stallions.

Here's the story:

Nova Scotia woman wants to save horses
Calgary Herald, March 12, 2004

The plight of thousands of unwanted horses in western Canada has inspired a rescue effort from the East Coast, where a Nova Scotia woman has launched an adoption campaign to save the animals from slaughter. About 20,000 horses and their foals have been awaiting trips to slaughterhouses since October, when Wyeth Pharmaceuticals announced it was slashing production of Premarin, a hormone replacement drug for women.

Premarin -- developed in Canada 60 years ago -- is made from the estrogen-rich urine of pregnant horses. A large Pregnant Mare Urine ranching industry has grown up in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta to supply material for the drug. Last year, demand for Premarin dropped suddenly after concerns arose about the drug's possible links to breast cancer and heart disease. Wyeth scaled back production of Premarin and told 270 of its 400 PMU ranchers it no longer needed their business.

That decision threatens the lives of about 20,000 horses, about half the total number kept on Canadian farms for the PMU industry -- including mares that supply the urine, stallions that impregnate the mares, and foals that are born. [end of article]

And here's an overview of Brave New World showing the Establishment's treatment of humans:

...In his very interesting book, The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism, the German sociologist Max Weber wrote about his concern about the increasing way in which the capitalist corporate ethic was taking over our ideology, our values and so forth. Once, it had been severed from its religious roots it would culminate in, Weber wrote, "specialists without spirit, sensualists without heart; this nullity imagines it has attained a level of civilization never before achieved." And, I really think that that's a very apt description of what is going on with the kinds of persons, if one can call them that, in the brave new world: specialists without spirit --- very technically oriented but, they've lost the sense of heart and sense of what's truly valuable in life.... I don't think that one has to look at a book like Brave New World to see examples of this. This past weekend I was at a medical school in North Carolina, East Carolina University School of Medicine and one of the physicians commented that under the influence of managed care and its competitive economic environment --- where the point is to get patients in and out of the system or work them through the system as quickly as possible --- that, physicians were now referring to patients as "IPBUs", which stands for Income Producing Biological Units. The emphasis on competition, on profit, has so overwhelmed so many in the health care field that they have become very cynical about this, and what you really want is to cultivate RIPBUs which stands for Repeat Income Producing Biological Units...

It seems horseflesh and humanflesh are of equal value to the medical system - WHO? - and their minions.

~ Jackie Jura

Orphanage for horses on death row (20,000 horses used in drug-therapy production cast off). National Post, Mar 12, 2004
Halifax: Barbara Claussen is turning her Nova Scotia hobby farm into a refuge for unwanted horses. She returned home this week from Manitoba, where she purchased 58 foals from former PMU ranches with money raised from her campaign. The young horses will travel by truck to Nova Scotia, where they will rest at Whinney Hill Farm, Ms Claussen's 24-hectare country spread, while she tries to find new owners for them. The animals Ms Claussen rescues will have their pictures posted on her Web site - - where she hopes people will offer to either adopt them or sponsor the cost of their purchase, transport and veterinary checks...

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Reminder - We are spiritual beings having a human experience.

To Orwell Today again,

re Drug Companies Sponsoring Fire Departments: - Your site is really interesting. I was extremely shocked and alarmed about that and still can't get over the fact that the fire department seemingly has to push drugs on to people in order to have enough money to fight fires.


Jackie Jura
~ an independent researcher monitoring local, national and international events ~