To Orwell Today,

A few of the statements made early on in your article about R.J. would seem to be erroneous, following recent developments. As a pro-American European, and sensing your own sentiments in this issue, I think I'm entitled to say that it is time the U.S. left Fischer alone. He earnt that right. He was there when Kissinger and a nation needed him. He is objectionable, insane and a thousand other things, but he is not a fucking terrorist; his weapons of MD were his chess pieces. What total lack of class you Yanks have, disgraceful.

I'm so glad he is free again, what the hell do you want him locked up for anyway, national pride? The only pride you have are guys like Fischer and your armaments. I repeat; it's about class and style, even if he himself hasn't got any.

I would also repeat that I am pro-American, because for all your faults you're better than the rest.

Keep it that way :)
A.G. Simmons

Greetings A.G. Simmons,

I'm not sure which "R.J." (for Robert James no doubt) article you are referring to as there are many Bobby Fischer articles on my website, some written by myself and some written by others. And if by "erroneous in light of recent developments" you mean because he is now FREE as of a few hours ago well you're a bit of a Johnny-come-lately (as we say here in America) to the discussion. But anyway, I'm glad the articles are now "erroneous" in that regard.

And yes, you are right, I do have a "pro-American" attitude because after all I AM an American but not in the sense that I am a citizen of the USA because I am not, I'm Canadian, but in the sense that I am a citizen of America - NORTH America. I consider North Americans AND South Americans to be "American". And Americans are part of the western world which up until the past fifty years or so at least still had some semblance of democracy and freedom. All that changed the day they blew JFK's brains out and now we're in this extremely sorry state of affairs where the USA government is persecuting one of its own heroes who is loved and admired elsewhere in the world, especially in Iceland, the only country with guts enough to stand up and protect him.

And I also find it strange that you label Bobby Fischer "insane". No one in their right mind would question Bobby Fischer's mental prowess. And also, no one is accusing Bobby Fischer of being a "terrorist" they're just TREATING him like he's one. But yes, in his hands the chess pieces WERE weapons of mass destruction and they were aimed at the Soviet Union where they did incredible damage. He wiped them off the face of the chess world.

Also you say "Yanks" are disgraceful and have a total lack of class but you don't bother saying what "classy" country you yourself come from which is disgraceful on your part.

You close your diatribe by saying you're "pro-American" but you sure don't sound it. With friends like you, who needs enemies.

All the best,
Jackie Jura


Fischer set to enjoy freedom in Iceland ('It's like in the 'Shazaaam! Bush just says 'Enemy Combatant! Now you have no legal rights'). Guardian, May 24, 2005

Jackie Jura
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