To Orwell Today,


I have just come across your fascinating web site. I am with the Canadian Ape Alliance (

We're planning a trip to eastern DR Congo in a few weeks to visit our projects there. We're wishing to network with others concerned with this area, especially Canadians involved in development or conservation work.

Do you know of any newsgroups, other blogs, key people on the ground there? We'll be centred in Bukavu.

A few travel tips are always welcome as well. :-)

Dieter Heinrich

Greetings Dieter,

Thanks for your kind words about "Orwell Today" and I'm so glad the gorillas have brought our websites together. I had a quick look at your "Canadian Ape Alliance" and will go back and read more later. So far it looks fantastic.

Here is a webpage you can go to which will help you with the kind of information you're looking for. I just learned of its existence recently myself.


It's from the Rwanda Investment and Export Promotion Agency (RIEPA).

The key person on the ground here in Canada, who could put you in touch with key people on the ground in Rwanda, would be Mr. Emmanuel Muhawenimana. He is the Representative of RIEPA in Canada and his goal is to create a network of strategic alliances for Rwanda across Canada.

As for travel tips, we made our arrangements to visit the gorillas through the Rwanda Office of Tourism and National Parks (ORTPN) after we got there, but we should have organized it ahead of time.


We were lucky that a new family of gorillas had just recently been added - the HIRWA group - otherwise the gorillas were totally booked. Say a big hello to ours if you see them. You'll recognize them from the pictures I took. See RWANDA'S RARE GORILLAS

We went to Goma in the Congo, which is at the top of Lake Kivu, entering from Gisenyi. See QUIET BLUE LAKE KIVU

You're starting out in Bukavu, which is at the bottom of Lake Kivu. You could enter Rwanda from there, at Cyangugu, and do some Golden Monkey trekking in the Nyungwe forest, before heading up north to Ruhengeri (with a stop in Kigali of course). We didn't manage to get to the Nuyngwe forest this time so we'll have to go back.

All the best on your upcoming trip to the land of volcanoes and thousands of hills,
Jackie Jura

PS - Don't forget to pick up a piece of volcanic lava while in Goma, as a souvenir. See GOMA'S LUMUMBA VOLCANO

Jackie Jura
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