To Orwell Today,

I just read the article on your website about Jimmy Hoffa, and have a question no website answers. Maybe you can. Was there a connection between Jimmy Hoffa and leaders of any religious organizations and/or "Christian" businessmen? If so, was such a connection with Hoffa ever used to "get rid of" a rival or competitor in the religious arena or "Christian" marketplace?

I will appreciate your reply.
Luke Hess

Greetings Luke,

Sorry, I have no knowledge of what Jimmy Hoffa's connections were with leaders of religious organizations be they "Christian" or otherwise. Nothing has been mentioned in the reading I've done so far.

From excerpts taken from a fairly recent biography, Robert Kennedy: His Life, by Evan Thomas I have compiled an article entitled: RFK'S HISTORY WITH HOFFA. It gives a good overview of the before, during and after of RFK's attempts to cleanse the Teamsters union of the corrupt leadership that was "fleecing the rank and file". It's a good addition to my other essay (noted above) which was compiled from excerpts taken from RFK's own book, The Enemy Within.

JFK once said "I wish I had two Bobbys". Today we need "two Bobbys" too, or at least one JFK and one RFK. Their achievements were reversed after their deaths and America - and the world - is back on the road it was on before they took us on a different path. And we're much farther along that horrible road, maybe even near its end.

All the best,
Jackie Jura

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