To Orwell Today,

just finished your series and enjoyed every word and image. Thanks for bringing to life the man behind the books. I still have my copy of Animal Farm bought from the Scholastic Book Club nearly 40 years ago, and 1984, which I read for a report in high school, remains one of the most influential books in its impact upon my view of the world. If only people would realize the continual erosion of freedom and the threat we face from all the mind-numbing and mind-controlling aspects of contemporary "culture." I must say there was a bit of hope the other day; when Cheney's face was shown on the jumbo screen at Yankee Stadium, the crowd booed!

keep up the good work.
steve sims

Greetings Steve,

Thanks for your comments on my homage to Orwell and your appreciation of the man behind the books. The more we move toward 1984 the more I become like Orwell who "loved the past, hated the present and dreaded the future".

Heading into these terrible times I'm thankful that we had a man like Orwell who banged the hammer of freedom so loudly its reverberations are still being heard today. If only people would stop and pay attention to what it is he was warning them about.

Yes, I thought it was fantastic and really a sign of hope when the crowd in New York Stadium booed Cheney. It must have been the instinctive revulsion one feels when faced with pure evil. A bit like how Orwell described "a horse sneezing at bad hay".

Glad to have you as a reader,

~ Jackie Jura

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