He chose November 22, 1963 as the day to die.

To Orwell Today,

What biographical evidence do you have for the following statement?:

"The thing that's most horrible about it [Brave New World] is that it describes the kind of world creatures like Huxley have in mind for everyone."

You seem to suggest on your page that Huxley believed the world he imagined in the novel to be not only a literal possibility but a desirable future. Again, what evidence do you have for such a claim?

Jeremy S. D.

Greetings Jeremy,

The author of Brave New World is not critical of the sterile system of the World State he's describing, and that should be obvious to most readers. I've put enough excerpts up on my webpage to give people a taste. There is plenty of subliminal in his choice of names etc etc, like MARX, and Henry Ford, and the Savage, but you either get it or you don't.

Do your own internet websearch to find biographical information on him. Most sites sing his praises, but between the lines you can pick up factual information about his family and his associates.

His main interest in life seemed to be dropping acid and other mind-altering drugs. He was buddy buddy with the likes of CIA operatives like Timothy Leary who experimented on peoples' children in the sixties with LSD.

He was also a peer of H G Wells, whose book Open Conspiracy can be found on my webpage.

Huxley was a member of the World Academy of Arts and Sciences (WAAS), and attended their conference in Stockholm the summer of 1963. This Orwellian "brotherhood" met to discuss their plans for the world's resources - including human. Their proposals were given to governments and other organizations for implementation.

He worked for MGM and other Hollywood big wigs writing scripts and making money.

But I don't have the time or interest to write a thesis on Huxley. The only book of his I've read is BNW and that was more than enough. His other writings are so bad I consider them unreadable, ie The Island.

It's strange he chose November 22, 1963 as the day to die. He told his wife what overdose of LSD to administer and she did.

~ Jackie Jura

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Ex-patient to tell of pills, shocks, brainwashing (woman seeks to launch class-action case against Ottawa for Cold War-era tests). Globe & Mail, Jan 8, 2007

LSD project at CIA uncovered (administered LSD & electric shock to unwitting human subjects). Washington Post, Jun 22, 2005 & LSD A CIA PROJECT. National Post, Jun 22, 2005

Jackie Jura
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