To Orwell Today,

hi Jacky,

This is the first time I saw your mail.

As a woman, a Rwandan and a Tutsi who live in USA, I really do appreciate to see someone who still cares about our people. However, I really like to advice you to think twice when you are talking about Rwandan issues, because it always depends on who is telling you. i am not neither defending people who killed all my family, nor people who came late to take over the power. I don't believe that any Rwandan should die because of their ethnicity.

I don't believe that Kagame is a good man, because he and his army were more interested in taking the power than in losing families who stayed in Rwanda all years. He killed more people in north of Rwanda, and he personally went in Giti (Gitarama), a place where no Tutsi died and kill thousands of people including the family who hide me during the genocide.

Please listen to both side of Rwandans before putting your info on your web.

thank you,

Greetings Aurore,

Gee, you're pretty hard to please if the man who stopped the slaughter of your fellow Rwandans isn't good enough, in your opinion, to rule the country. You seem to be saying that he only came to the rescue so he could be in power. On the contrary, he didn't seek leadership and didn't take leadership until a subsequent election, by which time he was in popular demand by the nation.

Why don't you direct your animosity toward the people you were saved FROM instead of the people you were saved BY. There must be Hutu, French, Belgian or United Nations names which come to mind.

You make wild accusations about Paul Kagame and yet you don't back them up with one iota of fact, nor do you mention who you would prefer as president of Rwanda. Would you like the type of leader you had before the genocide? Or how about the type of leader Zimbabwe has who has taken the bread-basket of Africa and turned it into a hell-hole of starvation where women are using dried-up leaves for their monthly sanitary needs because there is nothing else. And that's just one country in Africa. Look at all the rest where the donations the United Nations demands from the giver nations are given to totally corrupt leaders who live like Kings and Emperors while their people writhe in misery and government inflicted brutality and war.

The proof is there for all to see as to what is going on in Africa and Rwanda. There are many articles on my website, in particular under Orwell's theme of 9.Keeping Masses Down. Perhaps once you've read in further depth you'll change your opinion about Kagame, especially when you compare him to other leaders in Africa and the world.

All the best,
Jackie Jura

Reader apologizes for Rwandan compatriots who repeat the tired refrain of genocide apologists

Jackie Jura
~ an independent researcher monitoring local, national and international events ~