To Orwell Today,

Dear Jackie Jura,

Because you are a respected independent researcher, we would like to invite you not to continue praising Kagame via your website. As an independent researcher you should try to be neutral in the Rwandan affairs and only work to find the truth about Rwandan past and current problems. You are now the only person who has biased ideas about what happened in Rwanda.

Your research should take into consideration new developments about Rwandan recent history and try to help Rwandans achieve true reconciliation by helping both Hutus and Tutsi to solve their problems instead of supporting one man Paul Kagame, a person now seen by the international community as a controversial leader who has played a significant role in the Rwandan tragedy.

Happy New Year,
Pierre Ngaboyisonga

Greetings Pierre,

My website contains well over a hundred articles about Rwanda, all of which are listed under the original article RWANDA'S GOOD MAN KAGAME, but most of which are not specifically about Kagame, although naturally his name is usually mentioned, he (H.E.) being the person internationally credited with stopping the genocide and rebuilding the country to its present condition. As you say, he played "a significant role in the Rwandan tragedy". In my opinion - backed up by facts - it was a good role.

Rwanda is talked about a great deal in the Western World these days - with movies and documentaries being made about it on a regular basis. Within the next month two new movies - A SUNDAY IN KIGALI and SHOOTING DOGS will be coming out on video. I haven't seen either one but will force myself to watch them. The first one, once again, revolves around soap-opera happenings in a hotel - the same Hotel des Mille Collines as its predecessor HOTEL RWANDA - and the second one is about making a hero out of a fictional priest.

None of the movies so far, with the exception perhaps of the upcoming SHAKE HANDS WITH THE DEVIL, go into the politics of the genocide. The watching public are therefore kept confused and ignorant as to how the genocide was planned, perpetrated and ultimately stopped.

The only place people can go for true, indepth information on Rwanda is to the bookstore, library or internet.

By far the vast majority will go to the internet and that's why I created "Orwell Today" and that's where I post my truthseeking findings about Rwanda which at times include praise for Paul Kagame, its controversial President.

I don't post articles that I consider biased in favour of the genocidaires or genocidaire sympathizers because I am biased against them, not neutral at all.

I believe the writings about Rwanda - and Kagame - on my website can contribute to helping Hutus and Tutsis reconcile and solve their problems.

Happy New Year to you too,
Jackie Jura

PS - As you no doubt realize, I have been to Rwanda and seen for myself how much good it has to offer the world - and how far it has come from the devastation of 1994, when it was the victim of one of the most evil atrocities in the history of humanity


Jackie Jura
~ an independent researcher monitoring local, national and international events ~