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To Orwell Today,

Dear Jackie Jura,

I have just read a series of your facts, opinions and comments about the genocide in Rwanda in 1994 and your admiration to President Paul Kagame.

I myself I'm Rwandan but to be honest it is my first time to hear a foreign national talk and feel with due passion about Rwanda at the same scale you are doing. May be one in a million. I therefore thank you very very much for your research about the reality that is rarely acknowledged by many. The reason for this failure of acknowledgments by many is still a mystical for me I have to say.

A million people dying in 100 days interval and still the hero who stopped this carnage is never appreciated while nations sat back and watched! Not only that he stopped the genocide, but also he did not reprise the killers when he got to power. Moreover he has and still is healing and building the country at such a tremendous pace. I canít think of one like Paul Kagame, at least not in the present time or the recent history.

Keep on your good job. There are more positive things done by Kagameís government. Keep finding out and telling the truth and hopefully one day he shall be honoured accordingly.


Greetings Dennis,

Be assured I'll always follow events in Rwanda because, like you, I realize there is no one else like President Kagame in present time or recent history of our world. If Rwanda can create a decent society out of the ashes of its ruin there is hope for us all if we too some day get a good leader for our nations.

As I write to you now I'm drinking a cup of coffee made from beans that grew in Rwanda in a symbolic toast to Paul Kagame and all your people. It is light and yet full of flavour which is exactly how I like coffee to be and which is so rare to find.

"Rwanda Blue Bourbon" coffee made its debut in North America this week at Starbucks and I purchased half a pound. Even the packaging is tastefully decorated and I'll save the stenciled box for future use and I'll display, on a shelf, the painting on the brochure inside as a daily reminder of Rwanda, along with my morning cuppa.

All the best,
Jackie Jura

Rwanda has been reborn (Vision 2020 seeks to turn country from low-income to middle-income). SummitCommunications, Apr 6, 2006

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