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I've been reading up on Freemasonry/secret societies, which is prevalent in this part of the world. I was not surprised to see so many senior police officials and NHS Trusts members. Even British Royalty back to King George 111 but what really got my attention was the following revelation. Their involvement in the war machines' jingoism. Anyone remember the poster of the guy wearing army uniform, cap and handlebar moustache, pointing his index finger at you, with the big slogan "YOUR COUNTRY NEEDS YOU"? His name was Lord Kitchener. Well, surprise surprise, he was top man in Freemasons. Reading this made me think of all those generations of young men duped into wars like world war one and how Winston in Orwell's 1984 was made aware of the posters of Big Brother. Perhaps George used Kitchener poster as real life example of how people are manipulated.

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Raymond Wills

PS - The following summary was drawn from BBC website of Historical Figures: Lord Kitchener, best known for his famous posters of "Your country needs you", was Secretary of State for War at the begining of World War 1. He organised armies on an unprecedented scale. His high ranking military history dates from 1886 when he was "Governor of The Red Sea Territories" to his death in 1916 when HMS Hampshire was sunk by a German mine whilst taking him to Russia. During these years Kitchener held many positions of high office in British military history and had great power and influence in the world. He was "Commander In Chief" of the Egyptian Army in 1892, "Commander in Chief of The Boer War" in 1900 where he burnt farms and herded women and children into "concentration camps". In 1902 he was "Commander In Cheif of India", in 1911 he became "Proconal of Egypt and Sudan" until August 1914. When WW1 broke out in 1914 he became "Secretary of State for War". He created what was then known as "Kitchener's Armies".

Hi Raymond,

Now that you bring my attention to the poster, and activities, of Lord Kitchener I think, as do you, that HE was the model.


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