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I read the book 1984, and understand it somewhat.

My assignment is: Think of and explain three examples of mind controlling techniques that are used in our societies today.

If you can give me some ideas it will be very helpful.

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Greetings Raenie,

The following story in today's news is an example of 2.Big Brother using 28.Reality Control and many other of the 45 themes listed on the left side of my Orwell Today homepage. Reading through those will help you complete your assignment.

Adoration 101. National Post, Nov 7, 2005
Deification of the leader is as important as reading, writing and arithmetic. Indoctrination starts early. The 460 children at the Kim Jong Suk kindergarten already regard North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il as both their father and their god. Deposited by their parents in the state-run nursery at 2 1/2 years of age, the youngsters spend nearly every waking hour of the next two years being immersed in the cult of adoration that surrounds the short, pudgy 63-year-old dictator. They see their parents only on weekends. During the week, they live at the nursery and undergo a strict system of indoctrination designed to instill a sense of collectivism and an overwhelming awe for their country's leadership. Instead of nursery rhymes, the pre-schoolers sing and dance together, making identical facial expressions and movements to such tunes as Long Life and Good Health to the Leader and We Sing of His Benevolent Love....Even when they eat, the youngsters are told they depend on the Great Leader for their "happy childhood." At the end of each meal, they stand and chant in unison, "Great Leader, thank you. We ate well."....

It's not all hard work, though. The pre-schoolers get some regular yard time for practising mass gymnastics and, according to a June, 2005, news report by North Korea's Central TV, occasionally play a special game called "Beat the American Bastard" in which they take turns attacking cardboard cut-outs of a U.S. soldier. By the time they are 4 1/2, the children are prepared for primary school, where the indoctrination continues but is squeezed into other seemingly apolitical subjects. A typical math quiz might include the question: "Three soldiers from the Korean People's Army killed 30 American soldiers. How many American soldiers were killed by each of them, if they all killed an equal number of enemy soldiers?"

Forty per cent of the entire content of North Korea's primary-school textbooks is said to be devoted to the two Kims. The figure for senior high school is 43%. At a higher level, Kim Il Sung University in Pyongyang operates six full departments specializing in Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il thought. By the time they are adults, most North Koreans simply accept propaganda claims that describe Kim Jong Il as the "peerless leader" and "the great successor of the revolutionary cause."

Official biographies, which dominate most bookstores in North Korea, insist Kim Jong Il is a genius who wrote six operas in two years and designed the huge Juche tower that dominates Pyongyang's skyline...

...As if that wasn't enough, North Korean television reinforces the leader's demands for adoration by featuring only one character on its nightly news casts and prime-time documentaries -- the "Great General," "Dear Leader" and "Peerless Patriot" -- Kim Jong Il. Night after night, television film footage shows him touring factories, visiting farmers in their fields or inspecting troops of the Korean People's Army, while offering a continual stream of "on-the-spot guidance" about how they should act or perform their jobs. "We're so lucky," the television announcer says, "to be loved by him."

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