The big hoax is that people went to the moon.
The hoax they reveal is that the photos are fake.
By revealing this lesser hoax they hope to keep the public satisfied with this
and not question the actual moon landings.


The reason why Apollo was dropped is that too many people got involved in the hoax.
The chance of being caught grew with every individual. And the astronauts couldn't cope
with being 'heroes' and getting all this fame for a big lie.
That's why so many of them have turned religious or alcoholic.

To Orwell Today,


I've read your reply MOON A HOAX MOCUMENTARY on the web site and I'm amazed. This is exactly what I was thinking after I saw DARK SIDE OF THE MOON, but I was confused by the ending, making me almost feel a bit stupid for thinking that they'd never been on the moon. It gave me a feeling of being 'fooled' into believing such a stupid thought. But now I know that I was right in my first suspicions.

One of my rules of thought is: 'Whenever you see Rumsfeld, some dirty business is taking place...' So when I saw that sneaky bastard in the documentary, I thought it had to be some kind of propaganda movie. And of course it is. These are some analyses of the production:

First of all, the US government is not the organization in control. US businesses and powerful individuals control the major scene in the US. A very intelligent friend of mine said 'Always look for the money'. Where the money goes, you'll also see the reason for the action. Oil is money and therefore a good spotter for most of US action today. But blaming the forever changing organization 'The US Government' keeps the focus away from who's really in control. Just take a look at Rumsfeldt. He's been in the game for many many years. If anyone is in control, it's the people who stay in the system. The people who keep up their connections and therefore their power. The president is always just a puppet. The mistake in pushing Bush to power is that they got too greedy. They wanted someone very easy to master, and with that came his incredible stupidity. It just shows too easily that the man is an idiot. And by that it is easy to see that someone else has to pull the strings. But pushing blame on the gov is just another bluff.

So when Rumsfeldt is in the production, something is amiss. Why is one of the heavy hitters involved in this? Because the public is becoming too aware of the hoax. They have analyzed the moon landing situation and they see that the general public is going to be informed about this in a short amount of time. Maybe they have foreseen an article or something. Maybe some of their contacts in the media business have blocked a job on the issue and reported back that this is going to pop up pretty soon no matter what they do.

So they need someone with credibility to produce something. What is better than the ever opposing country, France. They have been in the way many times lately. So, this being a French production, it can hardly be propaganda staged by the US. But it is.

The facts. You have to check out what facts are easily available. They have to be included and presented. Most people will be curious and want more. So you have to check out what facts are available if you start spending an hour or two researching. They will also have to be included. Any normal Joe, me included, will think 'Wow.. that's amazing.' And leave it at that. You got more information than you had before, even though you'd read a bit about this before, so this has to be a really deep documentary. Deep documentaries tell the truth. And its from France... the US no.1 friendly 'enemy'.

The big hoax is that people went to the moon. The hoax they reveal is that the photos are fake. By revealing this lesser hoax, they hope to keep the public satisfied with this and not question the actual moon landings. Again by pretending to reveal more than what is publicly available (without 1-2 hours of research). If people ever went to the moon, it is stupid to think that it was only Americans. And why hasn't anything been built there? The reason why Apollo was dropped, is that too many people got involved in the hoax. The chance of being caught grew with every individual. And the astronauts couldn't cope with being 'heroes' and getting all this fame for a big lie. That's why so many of them have turned religious or alcoholic. You can't even tell your wife. Instead you have to listen to how proud she is at parties, telling the tale of your moon landing and what a great man you are. You are actually watching those you love acting like complete stupid idiots, and it's all your fault.

But I wonder... could they go to the moon NOW if they wanted? Or will it reveal too much of the hoax if they tried it.. They'd have to research a lot of stuff that should have been ok already, that's for sure.

I've got more thoughts on this show. It's very easy to pick apart. Like how they made the first CIA agents look like idiots to amateurize the 'alleged' killings of the involved film-crew. 'They smoked cannabis a lot and all they left was a pile of hamburger papers and empty beer cans'. Like some old asian man would ever remember any hitmen if they arrived at his village. Sigh, how stupid do they think we are? CIA or any other organization would NEVER use such amateurs on something this important.. Well, I was trying to end this mail, but there I got started again... It's getting too long and my point is made. Thanks for your reply, it was very interesting and it hit me right on the spot.

But you didn't say anything about the concept of your site. What is all this Orwell fascination? Is it just a wrapping to make your real purpose more harmless? I'd check out having you removed if I was in control. Your information is not something I'd like to have lying about no matter what wrapping it is in. Look what it did to me ;>). I was confused about the documentary. It had me where it was supposed to, and I'm pretty intelligent and paranoid. But you put me back on the right track with your comments :>).

This mail is bound to be read by some scanning service. It's got too many key-words in it :>). And that's good. They need to get their act together and be a lot smarter than now. Or they'll lose power and control. They are lagging behind the public and that's scary. I'm actually a bit intimidated about what their last death spasms will be, if they lose power that is. You know, a cornered animal fights to his death, and will be 10 times more powerful than someone with the opportunity to live. "Never corner your enemy!"(Sun Zu's Art of War). If letting the Empire State building fall was one of them (if Bush almost knew, then for sure someone more intelligent had the complete picture too), then I fear the future. The Iraqi war is for sure not what it seems. Not even for me.

Keep it up.

Med vennlig hilsen,
Emil Rakoczy

Greetings Emil,

Thanks for your analysis of DARK SIDE OF THE MOON which proves you understood exactly what trickery the powers-that-be were up to with their masterpiece of moon propaganda.

The only thing you don't understand is why I am so fascinated with Orwell which isn't really very complicated at all. If we didn't have "1984" the world would have nothing to help it understand the mentality behind the monster. In "1984" Winston Smith kept saying,

"I understand HOW: I do not understand WHY"

and by the end of the book Orwell (disguised as Winston) learns "why" and explains it to us through the character O'Brien. That is important information. Now when I recognize Big Brother events in the world today I understand what's behind it and that helps me put it into perspective and that makes it easier to fight.

Like Orwell's Winston I am motivated by "why". For example, after I found out HOW they killed JFK I wanted to know WHY. And after finding out why I wanted to know WHO.

I was amazed a few years ago when I saw the JFK assassination movie EXECUTIVE ACTION starring Burt Lancaster and recognized one of the puppet-master characters as looking exactly like Henry Kissinger who is reputed to have in reality arranged political assassinations elsewhere in the world.

EXECUTIVE ACTION is similar to DARK SIDE OF THE MOON in the way it lays bare all the facts that only the true perpetrators would have knowledge of. I've read dozens of JFK assassination books over the years and the summation of them all is in EXECUTIVE ACTION. It shows the Who, How, When, Where and Why of the JFK assassination as clearly as DARK SIDE OF THE MOON reveals the Who, How, When, Where and Why of the moon hoax.

But getting back to Orwell. In writing "1984" he exposed the evil of totalitarian One World Government and put it into clear focus from a long-range perspective so that a person can look down on it from above and see exactly what's going on. It's as though he stole a blueprint from their construction site and then added a love story for the human dimension so that people would feel the danger and be thus fore-warned.

No other book has had as great an impact on me as "1984", thus this website, and thus the fascination with Orwell. As well I have learned a great deal by reading the writer that most higly influenced Orwell, ie Jonathan Swift.

I agree with you that my information is not something those in control would like to see lying around and no doubt they are reading it. They were reading Orwell's too but that didn't stop him writing, just as in "1984" it didn't stop Winston writing his diary even when he wondered if anyone except the Thought Police would read it:

"He was a lonely ghost uttering a truth that nobody would ever hear.
But so long as he uttered it, in some obscure way the continuity was not broken.
It was not by making yourself heard but by staying sane
that you carried on the human heritage."

Yes, what the powers-that-be will do in their death spasms is intimidating to contemplate and is cause for fear in the faint and hardy hearted alike but being part of the generation that may witness its death is enough to overcome that fear.

All the best,
~ Jackie Jura


MOON A HOAX MOCKUMENTARY (about what was fiction and what was real)

17.Falsification of Past and 41.The Party Tells 'How' and 42.The Party Tells 'Why' and GULLIVER'S TRAVEL TRUTHS


EXECUTIVE ACTION (a MUST see - an accurate depiction of men and logistics behind JFK assassination including how they framed Lee Harvey Oswald, the innocent patsy)

Kissinger: back door operator. BBC, Nov 27, 2002
...This German Jewish emigré who began his working life in a shaving brush factory in New York, rose to become a Harvard professor and then assumed control of America's foreign policy under Presidents Nixon and Ford...became Richard Nixon's national security adviser in 1969...Documents recently released by the CIA, strengthen previously-held suspicions that Kissinger was actively involved in the establishment of Operation Condor, a covert plan involving six Latin American countries including Chile, to assassinate thousands of political opponents...

A reader asks "Why is a book that doesn't make any sense and is so incredibly boring so important? and WHY ORWELL WROTE "1984" and 1.The Diary and MY ORWELL CONVERSION

Jackie Jura
~ an independent researcher monitoring local, national and international events ~